SPS Commerce launches Gartner Report on Achieving Multichannel Maturity

by | Jul 12, 2017 | Omnichannel, TeamSPS

SPS Commerce today announced the availability of complimentary access to a recent Gartner report focused on the three pillars of multichannel retail success: order orchestration, demand planning and effective use of store inventory.

The report, “A Survey Analysis: Multichannel Supply Chain Success Driven by Three Factors” includes research and recommendations for how supply chain partners can improve their operations to better reap the bottom-line benefits of today’s double-digit multichannel growth.

In addition to the Gartner report, readers gain access to “Four Steps to Orchestrated Retail”, a one-sheet and an infographic on “The Digital Age of Retail” centered on today’s consumer-centric shopping journey.

Download your free copy of the Gartner research, as well as the one-sheet and infographic.

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