Achieve greater profitability through a modernized, collaborative supply chain

Ensure your product information and inventory availability are up-to-date across your stores, eCommerce sites, distribution centers and business systems. Give your customers the buying experience they desire by using SPS Commerce to connect your retail ecosystem.

Visibility in your supply chain will help you adapt to consumer behavior

Disjointed supply chains stand in the way of delivering the right product at the right place and time. Supply chain issues also make it impossible to fulfill orders from the most convenient location and effectively process returns.  

To win customers today and tomorrow, change is required.


Re-imagine inventory distribution across all locations.


Deploy new systems and technologies to accelerate planning and execution.


Unifying internal teams and processes to work together, not separately.


Enhance the way they work with the trading partners they rely on to deliver happy customers.

What is the SPS Network about?

Our retail network has a single purpose: to simplify the exchange of supply chain data. Every innovation in our technology is designed to improve data exchange and reduce your workload.

We understand how crucial supply chain data is for making real-time business decisions. We focus on providing data visibility, access and accuracy. With around-the-clock expert support and a real-time system status page, we aim to be your most reliable business partner.

We can be your guide on the path to a seamless, more profitable omnichannel customer experience.

SPS Commerce powers a more transparent supply chain. We improve how you get the item, order, inventory and sales information you need, from the trading partners you rely on.

How We Help Retailers:

Simplify your supply chain with SPS Commerce

Achieve Greater Speed-To-Market

Adding new products into your assortment to stay on top of customer needs is time consuming. Onboard new vendors in as little as two weeks with the help of our proven processes, platform and dedicated team of experts.

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How a retail data tool can improve forecasting and decision-making

More Strategic Alliances

See how empowering your vendors with data on how products are selling in your channels enables up to 19% faster sell-through, 55% higher gross margin return on inventory and 12% better margins.

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Woman using laptop for arranging customers orders for drop shipping

Proactively Manage Every Order

Always know if your suppliers can fill your orders on-time and complete. Improve open-to-buy, confidently order exactly what you need and reduce time spent by over 20%.

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Better inventory management starts with getting better data from suppliers

Gain EDI Compliance

Being asked to start leveraging EDI? We’ll help you and your vendors get capable without distraction from focusing on what you do best in as little as 48 hours.

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Accurate, Timely Invoicing

Instantly reconcile invoices against orders and shipments. Reduce time spent on reconciliation by as much as 70%, eliminate errors and take advantage of early payment discounts.

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Streamline your Product data sharing

More Efficient Inventory Distribution

Accelerate throughput in your warehouses and distribution centers with improved transparency into inbound shipments and outbound deliveries, allowing you to carry up to 25% less inventory.

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Sourcing & Retail Network

Better Vendor Accountability & Performance

Gain a comprehensive view of how suppliers are performing against key metrics, such as on-time fill rate. Drive accountability with your supplier community to better serve customers.

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See why these 3 retailers chose SPS to increase profitability

  • Making it easy to connect people together.

    "SPS understands the programmatic nature of managing really large vendor programs and figuring out how to connect people together. They absolutely understand the relationship and what you have to do to make the relationship work from both ends. And they're reliable and quick about it."

    Geoff Frodsham, President and CEO, Princess Auto

    Why Do Customers Partner With SPS?
  • More Than Just a Partner

    "While their name is different, SPS very much functions as a part of our business. When they do an outreach to a vendor, they’re really outreaching on behalf of or as a part of the Scheels team. And I think that’s really critical that they come across and act in such a way that we’re proud of how they’re representing us."

    Byron Snider, Information Services Leader, Scheels

    Why Do Customers Partner With SPS?
  • The Partner You Can Trust

    "SPS is a reliable partner I can trust. The bigger we get, the more discipline we need to run a great supply chain and a great omnichannel business. I’ve embraced the partnership because SPS really understands our aspirational goals and makes them come to life with their technology."

    Senior Vice President of Merchandising

    Why Do Customers Partner With SPS?