Outdated and messy item information costs you money.

Item data management is one of the toughest parts of the grocery business.

Once you source a new item or product, it can take months to get it on the shelf. Your team has to spend hours manually entering item data, and fixing errors and cleaning up spreadsheets. If this sounds familiar, it’s time to automate your item data management.

Eliminate the problems caused by manual item management processes.

Item data management solutions from SPS Commerce help grocers keep up with complexity as their assortments expand.

Today’s consumers expect broader product variety in your stores, including more specialty and organic items.

Supermarket retail businesses without automation wind up spending on products that don’t even make it onto shelves on time. New item setup shouldn’t take months to complete. Every second you spend on manually managing item data is money you end up losing in sales.

Make the move to automation and stop wasting valuable resources on staff that do nothing but collect, create and cleanse messy item data. We’ll help you set up new items faster and manage item data with suppliers so you can keep up with the complexity as your assortment expands.

SPS Commerce streamlines item data from all of your suppliers into one unified feed. No mistakes, no gaps… and no manual labor required.

Item data management that supports every sales channel

SPS Commerce seamlessly supports all the operations in your grocery business, including:

  • Customer-facing product descriptions (size, color, price) for both e-commerce and offline channels
  • Supply chain and shipping information (units per crate, weight)
Retail Item Management Data Processing

We get the data from your suppliers for you

SPS Commerce collects and inputs the new item setup data for you so that it meets all your requirements and is formatted correctly right from the start.

  • Complement your GDSN certified data with robust product information from your suppliers
  • We check and validate that the data suppliers provide is complete and compliant for every product and every supplier
  • Data gets inputted—correctly—in days, not weeks
With our item data management system, SPS checks & validates that the data provided is complete and compliant for every product and every vendor

Generate more sales & hit your numbers

SPS Commerce gets your new items onboarded faster, maximizing your window of opportunity to generate sales.

  • Capitalize on surprise trends in fast-moving markets
  • Maximize sales across all channels with complete, up-to-date catalog data online and offline
  • Be ready for seasonal trends and never worry about missing the wave or being stuck with extra stock
SPS Commerce gets your products on the shelf faster

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