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Gain instant access to the largest network of up-to-date, mapped, EDI connections and more than 120,000 players in the retail space without having to configure or update any specs yourself.

“The recommendations [from SPS] led to conversations that quickly led to decisions on key pieces of technology. We have already signed with a 3PL for our domestic warehouses, selected StitchLabs for inventory management, and decided to keep our existing general ledger. Within just a few weeks, these will be rolled out and integrated with SPS to manage our orders.”

– Paul Austin-Menear, Director of Digital Strategy, Nanoleaf

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Shaun Roberts works with suppliers to understand their needs, provides a short list of several trusted SPS partners that match and makes introductions as needed.

“My day is spent interacting with suppliers looking to make a change. By listening to their concerns and plans, I can identify buyers, logistics and technology providers and consultants that are a fit for their next phase. It makes my day when I can connect customers with a few potential business partners that I know can help them. It’s inspiring to help businesses succeed and why I enjoy working at SPS.”
– Shaun Roberts, SPS Commerce

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