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Our Dev Center SPS API services make it easy to build trading partner connections. Connect once to the SPS network and gain immediate access to pre-built APIs for our retail network of 120,000 companies.

With DevCenter you can:


Implement connections faster by building to multiple retailers at once


Spend less time on fixing bugs and making updates


Stop worrying about maintaining retail – our team takes care of it for you!

Not a developer? No problem.

If you’re looking to connect with carriers or create shipping labels, you should check out Carrier Service. This tool helps you streamline ASNs and labels by eliminating dual data entry and finding the cost-effective carrier option for your shipments.

SPS APIs deliver modern, secure trading partner connections

Shipping Label API

Quickly and easily generate fully compliant branded GS1-128 or UCC-128 shipping labels. Our shipping label API is always up-to-date with your customers’ trading partner requirements.

Packing Slip API

Take the hassle out of creating branded packing slips. Our packing slip API incorporates the latest trading partner requirements for font size, color, logos and more. So you’ll always be in compliance.

Transaction API

Exchange data between your business systems and the SPS Commerce network. Our Transaction API can be used as an alternative to FTP or AS2. Files sent and received by this service are usually in RSX XML, but other file formats are also supported.

Streamline your EDI integrations

JSON Standard Development

JSON Standard

  • Quickly distinguish between single items and collections of size one (batch)
  • Lightweight in comparison to XML
  • More structural information in the document

RESTful Protocol Dev

RESTful Protocol

  • Simple, with fewer rules than SOAP-based APIs to make them discoverable
  • Adopts all well-understood mechanisms of HTTP
  • Object-centric, not message-centric, thereby focused on the data in your application

Simplified Structure

Simplified Structure

  • Automated data submission and retrieval
  • Error handling visibility and logging for enhanced debug capabilities
  • Streamlined security implementation leveraging OAuth security model

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get started?

Whether you are an existing SPS Commerce customer or just exploring, there is “Getting Started” documentation at:

Where can I find more information?

Check out the new Dev Center website at:

What API services are available?

Automated Shipping Documentation includes a Shipping Label API service and Packing Slip API service. More services are added on a continuing basis.

Do I need to be a current SPS Commerce customer to utilize Dev Center?

No, Dev Center is open to anyone and everyone interested in developing connections between suppliers and retailers and in taking advantage of SPS Commerce’s network of Retailers, Suppliers, Distributors and other Business Trading Partners.

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