EDI Testing and Certification.

Your retail partners want you to use a standard electronic data format. Trust the industry’s leading platform for EDI compliance.

Our process will ensure your company is fully prepared to exchange data with your retail partners.

What is EDI and EDI compliance?

EDI is an abbreviation for electronic data interchange. The term EDI describes both the transmission of the data as well as the translation into a standard data format.

“EDI compliance” refers to the ability to send and receive electronic documents in the specific data format that your retail partner requires. To learn more about EDI, check out our EDI 101 guide.

Our EDI testing service will prepare you to meet the compliance requirements of your retail customers–whether you’re adding a new retail partner or expanding an existing relationship.

Key features of our EDI Testing & Certification service:


Dedicated consultant.

Access to a dedicated consultant to address your retailer’s business and technical EDI compliance requirements.

End-to-end process.

Robust, end-to-end process that ensures a successful outcome into production.


Content-level testing.

Content-level testing, as well as scenario testing based on order management model.


Connectivity testing.

Connectivity testing via VAN, AS2 or FTP.

How does it work?

Using proven integrations battle-tested by thousands of companies, our Testing & Certification service helps you achieve EDI compliance quickly and ensures a successful outcome in production.

1. Your testing project will be assigned to a dedicated, experienced SPS Commerce consultant.

2. Your SPS consultant will guide you through your retailer’s specific requirements and technical specifications.

3. Together, you and your SPS consultant will complete an exchange of test data. Each testing program incorporates a customized data set based on your retailer’s order management model and electronic trading requirements.

4. After your initial test is complete, your consultant will partner with you to ensure success into production when you begin fulfilling orders with your retail customer. At the end of testing, you will be EDI capable and fully prepared to exchange data with the retailer.

“SPS Commerce’s solution is reliable and easy to learn, and their customer support is responsive and helpful. What more could we ask for?”

– Adrienne Droogas of Cinder Block

Why companies trust the SPS Testing & Certification service:



SPS Commerce is committed to making your trading relationships successful, regardless of the systems you use or how you currently exchange data. With our unique and flexible approach, you can test and certify your own in-house EDI system, or use any third-party EDI service.


Unmatched expertise.

As the leading retail-focused supply chain management network in the business, we are the trusted authority for thousands of EDI trading partners. The SPS Commerce team has implemented tens of thousands of connections with hundreds of retailers.

Who is it for?

Our Testing & Certification process is for suppliers and vendors.

If you are a retailer:

Check out our supplier EDI onboarding service. Or learn how to monitor vendor performance to evaluate compliance.

Ready to start your testing project?