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SPS Commerce offers the industry’s most trusted EDI technology plus a dedicated team to make your EDI a success. We provide a complete EDI system, not just software. Our full-service approach frees your team from time-consuming EDI management tasks.

What is an EDI system?

An electronic data interchange (EDI) system empowers companies to exchange supply chain data between their business systems (such as ERP, WMS and OMS) and the business systems of their partners.

EDI systems are more complex than other business systems because they always involve interactions between multiple companies. Benefits of EDI systems include reduced costs, increased processing speed, fewer errors and improved relationships with business partners.

Create new efficiencies with EDI automation

Companies using SPS have cut thousands of hours in manual data entry tasks by utilizing our EDI system. Not only does SPS ensure your order data flows seamlessly between your other business systems and partners but best of all, you get all the benefits of order automation without the need for a lengthy IT project!

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Get started with an EDI system from SPS Commerce

Our comprehensive EDI system includes more than just EDI technology. Our solutions are backed by a team of experts to handle day-to-day tasks for you — including communicating with your trading partners, proactively monitoring your data flow and much more.

Here are some of the EDI management tasks we perform on your behalf:

Implementing and monitoring EDI systems, including data mapping, translation and interfaces
Analyzing EDI and data integration/transformation requirements from trading partners
Performing EDI daily support and projects, prototype data transfers using various methods such as EDI, SAP IDOCS, XML, AS/2, FTP, SFTP and general network file transfers
Managing trading partner connectivity requirements, setup, changes, certification and maintenance
Creating and updating trading partner maps, and troubleshooting issues with trading partners
Managing EDI integrations with business systems including ERP, TMS and WMS
Proactively recommending EDI automation features and training your team on how to use them

Free your staff to concentrate on your top priorities and get more time back in your day.
Learn about SPS Fulfillment, our full-service EDI solution.

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