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Our strength is powered by our retail relationships and our deep expertise in trading partner connections with over 75,000+ customers worldwide.

Having a solid technology foundation is critical to successful trading partner collaboration. But technology alone is not enough. SPS Commerce is the only provider that goes beyond technology to take the complexity, cost and risk out of managing trading partner relationships.

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  • https://youtu.be/2Lxbv8rHByM

    Fruit of the Loom streamlines complex order fulfillment.

    “We were managing five EDI platforms at one point, which was far too complex and time-consuming. So, we set out to find technology that could help us become more agile, efficient, consistent and automated with our EDI transactions. And it turned out that SPS Commerce offered exactly what was needed.”

    Chris Krebs, CIO, Fruit of the Loom

    Customer Stories
  • https://youtu.be/G0BqCUz3O7g

    Better results with reliable data.

    “SPS is helping us to bring more products to market quicker and to push those products out to other marketplaces. Having electronic data pass seamlessly through our systems using SPS EDI is a huge win for us.”

    Stephen Chase, IT Director, Brookstone

    Customer Stories
  • https://youtu.be/DZvDy3KaW4w

    Gain understanding of EDI requirements.

    “When we first spoke, I didn’t know what terms like ‘omnichannel’ or ‘EDI’ even meant, because my background is in medicine and not retail, but the SPS representative was patient and knowledgeable, and he used lots of examples to explain why this mattered to us and our retailer customers.”

    Jodi Scott, Chief Executive Officer, Green Goo

    Customer Stories
  • https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=C3vGCsn-6xc

    Making it easy to connect people together.

    “What SPS understands is the program nature of managing really large vendor programs and figuring out how to connect people together and actually figuring out how to make it easy to connect people together. They absolutely understand the relationship and they understand what you have to do to make the relationship work from both ends. And their reliable and quick about it.”

    Geoff Frodsham, President and CEO, Princess Auto

    Customer Stories
  • https://youtu.be/n9DMCJVsGLg

    Showing up as a trusted advisor

    “SPS helps us stay ahead of the curve by giving us the first look at what the consumer is buying so whenever a trend starts to develop we can catch it a lot of the time before a retailer. And we show up as such a trusted advisor for that retailer when we can say hey, here is a trend going on in your business that you may not have noticed yet or you noticed in some small way. To be able to package that up as something that’s emerging and share it back with the retailer, they appreciate that so much.”

    Christopher Marcal, Director of Customer Planning, Clarks

    Customer Stories

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