Transform your business to become EDI compatible

Let’s dive into the advantages of transforming your business to become EDI compatible so you can automate the exchange of business documents with your trading partners.

What does being EDI compatible mean?

EDI compatibility indicates that your business system, including but not limited to ERP, WMS, CMS and accounting software’s, is capable of deciphering and utilizing EDI.

By using EDI as your data standard, this allows you to unify all supply chain documentation, from orders to inventory inquiries to invoices, into a single data format that can be exchanged sends information from one business system to another.

The more nuanced your system is, the less likelihood of an EDI connection.


Not all business systems by default are EDI compatible. 


The more personalized and older the solution, the more work it’ll take to become EDI compatible. 


The technology project for making your business system EDI capable is called EDI integration.

Integration is the key to a successful workflow

EDI integration is a term used to describe the connection between your business system and information going to or from your trading partner. This type of connection can be built using API or EDI transactions with the goal of automating your order process.

Tackling an EDI integration requires:


The expertise of mapping standards of the data format itself


The understanding of all technical components of your business system to ensure accuracy


Communication and planning to execute with all necessary collaborators

SPS Commerce Fulfillment is our EDI solution that provides fast and easy compliance to any of your business systems.

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What are the types of EDI integration?

EDI integration makes EDI compliance easier. Here are the 3 most common types:

Retailer EDI integrations

A common type of EDI integration in which a specific trading partner requires EDI in order to do business. Learn how to get compliant quickly.

System EDI integrations

An end-to-end solution that automates EDI with your business software. Explore our 200+ pre-built solutions for ERP, TMS, or other software systems.

EDI service integrations

Also known as EDI testing. This is for people who already utilize a third-party EDI service and need to comply with a trading partner that uses a different EDI service.

Let SPS Commerce handle it all

To transform your business to become EDI compatible means you have two options of execution:

  1. In-house EDI: You are responsible for mapping your own data, ensuring accuracy of the data, and ongoing maintenance.
  2. Outsourced EDI: SPS Commerce is responsible for all things EDI. We become your EDI department so you can focus on your actual business.

What’s included when outsourcing your EDI to SPS Commerce?


An expert team to handle ongoing management of your EDI solution


Proactively making map changes to your trading partner’s requirements


End-to-end EDI testing to ensure your initial data flow with partners are successful


Direct communication to your trading partners to manage connectivity so you don’t have to


Proactive monitoring and optimizing of your solution to prevent errors and minimize data entry


Fair and fixed pricing that adapts easily as your business changes


A team of trading partner, system, and EDI experts available 24/7 to prevent disruptions

Let’s make your business EDI compatible!

One of our EDI specialists will reach out to listen to your needs and prescribe the best fit

(You'll hear back within 1 business day)

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