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What does it mean to be EDI compliant?

“EDI compliance” is a term referring to the ability to send and receive electronic documents in the specific format that your retail partner requires. EDI is an important part of business today, and most retailers (as well as grocers and distributors) require it.

EDI ensures that all of your business systems (and those of your vendors and logistics partners) are speaking the same language. Through a standard data format, EDI provides a technical basis for automated order processing and inventory management.

EDI is an essential step to better relationships and bigger sales.

Seamless communication with trading partners can make the difference between a lost sale and a long-term business partnership. When retailers, suppliers and other trading partners need to strengthen their supply chain and ensure long-term profitability, harnessing the power of an electronic data interchange (EDI) is an important step.

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EDI options to fit your business

Discover the most reliable, most widely-used EDI platform in retail by partnering with SPS Commerce. We offer several options for becoming EDI compliant. The best solution for you will depend on your order volume and number of retail partners.

EDI Testing & Certification Services

Make sure your fulfillment process meets your customer’s exact requirements. Get tested & certified by industry’s leading experts in compliance.

Full-Service EDI

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SPS Commerce is #1 EDI Provider for 2018 according to Capterra

“We were required [use] EDI to receive and acknowledge POs, but it turned into requirements for ASNs, invoicing, etc. SPS has been easy for all of our users and has met the needs of our customers with these requirements.”

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