Need to solve EDI warehouse challenges? 3PL automation can help.

Are you a supplier manually exchanging inventory, order and shipping information with your logistics partners? It’s time to automate.

Fulfillment from SPS Commerce enables effective, timely and accurate warehouse communications through API connections or traditional EDI.

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Do these EDI warehouse problems sound familiar?

Suppliers trust SPS to solve for these 3PL connection problems and more.


Managing 3PL communications through emails, phone calls and spreadsheets takes time away from more strategic tasks


Lack of insight into inventory makes it difficult to keep inventory levels up-to-date at third-party warehouses


Delays or errors with third-party logistics (3PL) partners cause issues in the order fulfillment process

Streamline EDI warehouse communications with SPS Fulfillment

SPS Fulfillment enables you to fulfill orders faster by automating the process of sending orders to your 3PLs. Plus, you’ll get better visibility into inventory levels and order status without the need for manual tracking.


Automatically exchange inventory, order and shipping information with 3PL partners


Reduce the risk of chargebacks from inaccurate orders and shipments


Improve lead times to minimize late orders and improve accuracy


Forecast more accurately with increased inventory visibility


Eliminate the need for building and maintaining individual EDI connections to your 3PLs

Our full-service team does the heavy lifting to ensure you and your trading partners remain EDI compliant.

“Our goal is to scale to support growing order volumes and the complex trading requirements of our trading partners. We need EDI to make sure the right inventory is at the right place at the right time.”

Senior Manager of Technology, RX Bar

Connecting to your 3PLs is fast, easy and affordable

Our full-service Fulfillment solution makes it easy to communicate with your 3PL partners. Here’s how it works.

1. Connect once to the SPS Commerce network.


2. Receive inventory updates from your 3PL and warehouse partners based on your business needs.

3. Provide electronic order information to 3PL and warehouse partners.


4. Receive shipping updates from your 3PL and warehouse partners based on your business needs.


5. Automatically remain compliant with any retail trading requirements.

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