SPS Commerce Payment Portal powered by VersaPay

What can you do through the Payment Portal?


View and download copies of your invoices


Save or update Bank Account or Credit Card information


Make one time or set up automatic payments


Add additional billing contacts to your accounts

VersaPay FAQ

Do I have to sign up for Versapay?

It is not mandatory to sign up for the portal through Versapay – however, there are many benefits to creating an account and it is 100% free. If you choose not to sign up, don’t worry. You will still receive an emailed copy of your invoice. If you choose to create a log in at a later date, all emails from Versapay will include a link to your account.

Does it cost money?

No – SPS Commerce covers the cost of this solution for our customers and it is 100% free for you to use.

Are you still going to email PDF copies of all my invoices?

Yes. You will still receive emails with copies of all your invoices.

I never received an invitation to Versapay.

Please be sure to check your spam/junk folder for emails from Versapay.com. If you still are not able to find a link, please send an email to billing@spscommerce.com and an invitation will be resent.

Forgot Password or having technical difficulties?

VersaPay customer support can be reached at 1-866-999-8729. Or click here for a Versapay user guide.