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Processing orders manually is painful and costly… But it doesn’t have to be.

EDI for retailers includes solutions to automate paper-based processes and efficiently fulfill orders for any sales channel.

Is your team bogged down in paper, fax or emailed orders? Do you struggle with manually reconciling orders with invoices and ship notices? Save time, reduce costs and end needless errors with EDI.

SPS Commerce helps you streamline and automate your order-to-invoice cycle with your vendors, and efficiently fulfill orders for any sales channel including brick-and-mortar retail, e-commerce, buy online/pickup in store, and drop shipping.

Unlike other EDI providers, we handle all the technical details on your behalf—including EDI testing, spec changes, and map updates, so you can focus on running your business, not on managing your EDI system.

Looking for a way to evaluate EDI providers? Check out our Full-Service EDI white paper on the seven building blocks of EDI.

EDI in a snap.

“An incredibly easy tool to implement EDI with vendors that require it. Using something like SPS is a great tool to use in the interim if you plan on implementing EDI directly with vendors. The price is fair as well.”

– Nick L, 1/17/18

Reduce supply chain costs and inefficiency with EDI for retailers.

Your retail business can experience these benefits and more from EDI:


Reductions in your order processing time


Improved order accuracy and a reduction in manual errors


A measurable boost in your fill rates


Enhanced customer satisfaction with visibility into order status and shipments


Reductions in safety stock and inventory


The ability to utilize more of your working capital through accurate Open to Buy


Improved post-invoice reconciliation with three-way matching


The ability to take advantage of payment discounts

Hear what our customers say about our retail technology solutions.

  • EDI integration without all the work.

    "SPS was just a natural fit. With one integration to its retail network, we could connect with all of our EDI vendors, which makes it much easier to gain scale. The problem with other systems was that they required us to have a unique connection with every single vendor, and the maintenance and ability to keep that in order was impossible."

    Alan Blackford, COO, Thos. Baker

    Customer Stories
  • Improve your customer experience with EDI.

    "Using SPS to integrate with our vendors has allowed us to streamline the shopping experience for our customers, from ordering through delivery, ensuring that they get a great experience no matter what supplier is utilized."

    Greg Culler, Chief Information Officer, Rugs Direct

    Customer Stories
  • Outsourcing enables faster EDI execution.

    "As I got ready to start thinking about how I was going to enable the general merchandise side of the business, which has a much longer supply chain and is very, very different from the book side, I realized we were not going to be able to execute (EDI) fast enough. We didn’t have a lot of the core competencies in-house."

    Rob Spence, Director of Supply Chain Vendor Performance, Indigo Books and Music

    Customer Stories
  • Streamlined time-to-market with EDI onboarding.

    "Having electronic data pass seamlessly through our systems using SPS EDI is a huge win for us. SPS is helping us to bring more products to market, quicker, and to push those products out to other marketplaces."

    Stephen Chase, IT Director at Brookstone

    Customer Stories
  • Implementing EDI with limited IT resources.

    "We had the confidence that SPS Commerce could enable our vendors (with EDI). Their established relationships with many of our vendors made the process very easy. (Our vendors) have done electronic fulfillment, such as EDI, with other retailers and SPS Commerce and have also seen positive results. SPS Commerce’s delivery and cost model is flipping the standard EDI model on its head."

    Byron Snider, information Services Leader, Scheels

    Customer Stories

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