Automate your order management system with SPS

Has your procure to pay process become overly manual? Has your order management system become difficult to maintain? Are you thinking of replacing your OMS? With our full-service team, you are up-and-running fast with any trading partner, using a fully automated EDI solution to enhance your process.

Which roadblock is affecting your procure to pay processes right now?

After spending quality time with our customers, we realized there were six common issues that supply chains must overcome to get a more efficient and accurate procure to pay process. Many of which cannot be solved with a basic order management system.

Items you buy

Inconsistent and inaccurate item data from suppliers costs your team time and money. Set up new products faster and create the experience your customers expect. SPS Community helps you get clean item data from your vendors, in one consolidated format.

Orders you place

Unsure of the status of vendor orders? Do you consistently order more inventory than you really need to compensate? With SPS Community, you’re always up-to-date on order status. Confidently order exactly what you need and reduce your inventory by up to 20 percent.

Inventory you move

Eliminate bottlenecks in your warehouses and distribution centers. By automating data exchange with vendors, you’ll understand exactly what products have shipped, when they’ve shipped and how they’ve shipped. Improve supply chain visibility and reduce inventory inefficiencies.

Invoices you pay

Are you wasting valuable time and overpaying on invoices due to manual invoice reconciliation? Automate the process of reconciling invoices against orders and shipments, save time, reduce errors and take advantage of early payment discounts.

Trading partner performance

Do you lack the right data to track or improve vendor performance? Improve key supply chain metrics like fill rates and ship timeliness by scorecarding your vendor community. Plus, you can identify at-risk orders before they affect customers.

Integrate into any system

Wondering if this new technology can integrate with your system of record? Whether you’re using NetSuite, SAP, Shopify or another business system, our team will help you streamline your order cycle.

We have over 200+ systems we can integrate with EDI data, check them out:

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Enhance your procure to pay solution, don’t replace it

When manual work with procure to pay process become too difficult to manage, many companies look to an order management system (OMS) but these types of systems are not a one size fits all solution. Many companies experience the following drawbacks:

These types of specialized systems require a significant investment and can even be cost-prohibitive…to you and your vendors
Your vendors must use the same OMS to allow for order automation. They can be added at an additional cost passed down to them
24/7 customer service is not available unless it’s included in your SLA

SPS Commerce offers more than an order management systems

We partner with businesses to implement a proven procure to pay processes with their trading partners. We facilitate the exchange of item, order and sales data across your trading partner community with an adoption rate of 98%. This allows you to achieve insight at every stage in the supply chain process. With SPS, you’ll experience the following advantages:

Automated information exchange with all of your vendors (and logistics partners too)
Cost-effective pricing that scales to suit your needs (and maximizes your margins as your business grows)
Integrate, with the help of our integration experts, to additional business systems that you run
A team of trading partner, system and EDI experts is available 24x7x365 in the channel of your choosing

Full-Service Order Automation Helps Gemplers

Prior to partnering with SPS, Gempler’s was working with another EDI provider, who left the work of vendor compliance up to them. They were only able to onboard a few of their suppliers on their own. SPS not only spearheaded outreach to vendors, but also handled the project management. With the full-service approach and expertise of SPS, Gempler’s has seen greater success in meeting their business goals.

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