Take control of retail inventory management

Moving retail inventory efficiently through your supply chain is critical to your business. But inventory management is impossible when the data you receive from suppliers is missing, incomplete or inaccurate.

SPS Commerce can help you get the data you need from your supplier community to effectively receive inventory and move goods to the right place, at the right time.


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Make retail inventory management more efficient

Have you asked questions like:

What products have my suppliers shipped?
What products have not been shipped?
When will shipments arrive at my warehouse or distribution center?
How was each shipment packaged?
How much inventory do my suppliers have on hand?

To manage the flow of inventory from suppliers, you need information before you receive goods at your warehouses or distribution centers. This includes data about what products will be shipping, when they will arrive and how each order is packed.

By automating the exchange of critical data with your trading partners, you can speed up your inventory throughput and time to market, free up open-to-buy budget, reduce inventory and drive an exceptional customer experience. Two common methods of achieving this are the EDI 855 and 856.

EDI 855

The Purchase Order Acknowledgment acknowledges receipt of a purchase order from a buyer, communicates seller’s intent to fulfill the order, reports any errors on the order and much more.

EDI 856

The ASN (Advanced Ship Notice) describes the contents that have been shipped as well as the carrier moving the order, the size of the shipment, ship data and in some cases estimated delivery date.

Connect with one of our Supply Chain Strategists and we will work with you to analyze your business’s day-to-day operations to identify key areas of opportunity to improve and automate data exchange. You will receive a detailed report of current business processes and our recommended changes. Find out why businesses automate with SPS. 

A lack of critical data can cost time and money, resulting in:


Bottlenecks in receiving, put away and packing


Delays getting products to stores and to consumers


Overstaffing or understaffing


Slow inventory turns and excess safety stock


Inability to support cross docking or flow-through distribution


Inefficient storage of goods

See how having the right data from your suppliers can allow you to efficiently receive inventory at your distribution center, and move goods to the right place, at the right time.

“SPS has brought things to us that we have never seen before in the history of the company, allowing us to be more profitable, have better inventory positions and see the business in new ways.”

– Randy Peitsch, SVP of Operations, PGA TOUR Superstores

SPS Commerce can help you solve your retail inventory management challenges

The SPS Community solution includes the technology, expert team and proven process to help you automate the exchange of data with your supplier community. Reduce retail inventory inefficiencies by understanding exactly what products have shipped, when they shipped and how they’re shipped. You’ll get the critical data to help manage the flow of inventory into and out of your distribution centers including:


Item data to optimize space


Advance notification of shipments to improve planning


Scannable barcode labels to automate receiving

With the right data, you can plan and execute a seamless warehouse plan as soon as products arrive. This results in a million-dollar impact for many businesses.

Talk with an SPS Commerce specialist or download our free playbook to learn how our team can help you streamline your retail inventory management.

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