SPS Commerce Customer Service: Your success is our success​

Our customer-first philosophy and dedicated team of industry experts will monitor and optimize your usage and engagement to ensure your business outcome is fulfilled.

Our customer success plan is built for your success

In addition to our 24/7/365 customer service, we offer:

Training and resources

SPS is committed to ensuring you know ‘how’ and ‘why’ to use our product. This is achieved through a variety of web-based or on-site training sessions.

Customer success management

Through strategic alignment and goal setting with our customers, the Customer Success Management team helps you maximize the value of your investment.


Driving product adoption

Through context based in-app messaging and targeted email communications, SPS will help you optimize your solution by providing best practices on how to use the product.

What customers say about the SPS Customer Success Team:


Given our excellent experience with SPS’ services and support, we would never consider using another EDI provider.

—Nuo Tech


Whenever we need something, or if we don’t understand something, we know we have SPS there to guide us and support us. We don’t have to be the experts because they are.

— Deva Concepts