Improve supply chain visibility with B2B integration from SPS Commerce

Business-to-business (B2B) integration is a necessary part of today’s supply chain. Without it, buying and selling organizations have a hard time keeping up with business processes and partner requirements. SPS Commerce has the tools and expertise to help businesses adopt and maintain effortless B2B integration.

Connect your channels and boost visibility

Accurate, real-time data sharing between trading partners makes it possible to see inventory, shipping status and more at a glance, so you can keep your business growing.

With B2B integration from SPS Commerce:

B2B Graphic Clock

Suppliers receive
orders instantly from
their retailers

B2B Graphic Box

Retailers get order
automatically from suppliers

B2B Graphic Bar Chart

3PLs make on-time
deliveries with real-time
order data from suppliers

What is B2B integration?

B2B integration is the automation of business processes and information between your business and its trading partners, fulfillment partners and systems. It creates better efficiency and accuracy between businesses, simplifying complexity and saving you time.

What does B2B integration solve?

Integration between businesses simplifies the data exchange between your business and your partners, saving you time, moving your processes away from manual data entry and making it possible to scale fast.

SPS Commerce brings clarity and focus to your business

SPS offers integration solutions that help every business in the supply chain automate and simplify their processes. With access to the world’s #1 retail network, you can get a single, smart connection to meet the unique needs of your partners.

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Are you a supplier that needs seamless order management?

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Are you a supplier looking to simplify your item data sharing?

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Are you a brand looking for insights on buying patterns?

B2B Icon 3PL

Are you a 3PL that needs to meet changing, complex requirements?

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Are you a retailer that needs streamlined vendor onboarding?

Don’t have time to think about implementation?

No problem. SPS Commerce offers the people, process and technology to make B2B integrations faster and easier than ever. Our full-service approach handles the complexity for you, so you can focus on growing your business.

Without [B2B Integration], our company would be a nightmare. We wouldn’t be able to operate the way we do, just day to day. I couldn’t imagine a scenario where we’re doing manual data entry.

– Rajan Barad, CEO at R&R Textiles

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