How Can SPS Commerce Retail Management Solutions Help Your Business?

SPS Commerce enables retail trading partners to work better together. Our retail management solutions make it easy to exchange the critical data needed to meet consumer demand. We’ve helped thousands of companies successfully replace time-intensive, manual processes with automation.

SPS Commerce Solutions to Solve Your Supply Chain Challenges

SPS Commerce offers retail management solutions for all supply chain partners. Our retail software solutions automate the exchange of data about products, inventory, orders, shipments, payments and sales. More than 120,000 companies around the globe rely on SPS to make their trading partner relationships more collaborative and profitable. View our products at a glance below:


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Find an EDI Solution

Solve your order fulfillment problems, gain EDI capability, attain EDI compliance, connect systems and onboard trading partners with SPS Fulfillment EDI.
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Easily Share Product Information

Transform and deliver product data to your trading partners with SPS Assortment, allowing you to meet consumers’ growing demand to access more product information across all shopping channels.

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SPS Analytics support

Leverage Retail Data

Drive sell-through velocity, improve margins and enhance customer loyalty with insight into sales and inventory data. SPS Analytics is designed to help you collect, clean and use your sales.

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Sourcing & Retail Network

Find New Systems or Partners

Easily find, evaluate and onboard high-quality suppliers and brands to grow assortment. Get the right products from EDI-enabled trading partners in the industry’s leading Retail Network community and Sourcing platform.

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Improve Vendor Compliance

Leave your trading partner community maintenance and onboarding process to the experts. Ensure rapid compliance and faster speed to value with our proven development strategies.

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SPS for 3PLs

Accelerate 3PL Efficiency

Standardize and automate your customer communications. Simply connect to the SPS network once and communicate item, inventory, order, delivery and status information with all your customers.

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Who Does SPS Commerce Help?

SPS Commerce is the industry leading expert in all things retail, grocery and logistics, which makes us the best resource to help you solve your supply chain challenges. Using our people, process and technology methodology, we can help you solve your EDI, item and data related problems quickly.

Are you a Supplier, Retailer, Grocer & Distributor or a Logistics provider?


Full-service EDI: Our retail management solutions include the industry’s most trusted EDI solution. Our full-service approach helps you become EDI capable without all the headaches.

Integrate EDI with ERP: Choose SPS EDI integration when you need to automate EDI document flow with your business systems. We’ll ensure ongoing compliance and streamlined order fulfillment.

EDI Testing & Certification: Certify that your EDI software is compliant with your trading partner. Our EDI Testing & Certification helps you meet your trading partners’ EDI requirements fast.

Drive higher sales with Point-of-Sale Analytics: Optimize your product performance across all sales channels by leveraging sales and inventory data. We make it easy to understand the trends affecting your business.

Manage higher attributes: Take the complexity out of managing product data. Boost sales by giving consumers the product details they need.


Vendor onboarding: Our vendor onboarding experts help your vendors meet your electronic trading requirements for EDI, item management and more.

Order automation: SPS partners with you and your vendors to achieve a consistent and efficient order management process.

Inventory management: We’ll help you get the data you need from vendors to effectively manage inventory and move goods to the right place, at the right time.

Omnichannel order fulfillment: Create the omnichannel experience your consumers expect for any type of order fulfillment.

Manage product information: Simplify how you acquire the product information you need to run your business.

Vendor scorecarding: Measure vendor performance for improved order accuracy, shipment timeliness, fill rates and other supply chain metrics.

Grocers & Distributors

Grocery solutions: Our supply chain solutions for grocers help automate orders, improve inventory management and enhance customer experience.

Distributor solutions: We help distributors get the data needed from suppliers to streamline replenishment and fulfill orders profitably.

Manage product information: Simplify how you acquire the product information you need to run your business.

Supplier onboarding: Our supplier onboarding experts help your vendors meet your electronic trading requirements for EDI, item management and more.

Invoice reconciliation: Save time and take advantage of early payment discounts by automating invoice reconciliation.

Vendor scorecarding: Manage vendor performance for improved order accuracy, shipment timeliness, fill rates and other supply chain metrics.


Logistics EDI solution: Simplify your operations and streamline your supply chain.

Packing slips & shipping labels: Streamline the creating of packing slips & shipping labels for drop-ship orders.

Connect with more partners: Showcase your capabilities and geographic coverage to find more trading partners.

Our Most Popular Pre-Built EDI Integration Solutions

Are your current systems not meeting your needs? SPS works with cloud technology providers and consultants to offer complementary services. We can help to match you with a few that address your business needs and make introductions to save you time. Here are a few examples:

Don’t see your business system? View all EDI Integrations to see a complete list.

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