Cut your data entry for advance shipping notices in half.

Are you keying in the same data into the UPS, FedEx, USPS or other carrier portal and your ASN? Fulfillment with Carrier Service from SPS Commerce makes it easier to fulfill orders. No more opening multiple shipping sites and re-entering your package information. Get the best rate in one click and print your label all in one place.

Streamline EDI shipping with popular carriers

When used with Fulfillment, a full-service EDI solution from SPS Commerce, Carrier Service simplifies the process of managing drop-ship orders, including booking shipments, managing order tracking numbers and printing shipping labels. The SPS Fulfillment solution interacts directly with your carrier’s system, which eliminates the need for manual entry in your carrier portal. Save time by using one system for all EDI documents and shipping labels, and reduce the potential for manual errors.

Easier ASNs and Labels

As part of the SPS Commerce Fulfillment (EDI) service, Carrier Service empowers users to automate and streamline the advance shipping notice (ASN) and shipping label process into one workflow.

SPS Commerce Carrier Service empowers users to automate the advance shipping notice (ASN)

Save money on shipping.

Optimize your shipping rates by using our Rate Shopping feature to view and select the most cost-effective carrier and service level based on your delivery date and location.

Get Packing Slips and UCC Labels through API!

If you’ve got an advanced technology team who understands APIs (application programming interface) then you should check out our Dev Center. We have API connections for Shipping Labels, Packing Slips and Order Transactions which are always up-to-date with your customers’ trading partner requirements.

Learn how other companies are saving time and money on EDI shipping.

“The SPS Commerce Carrier Service makes the shipping process idiot-proof. It saves us hours and hours of data entry time each week, but more importantly, it ensures accuracy and alerts us to any omissions. When we send a document from SPS to our customer, we know it’s right. From labels to invoices, SPS is well ahead of their competitor’s product that I used to use, a true time saver.”

– Steve Robson, President of Always Home Properties Limited

Full-service EDI for drop-shipping, ship to store & more

Using Fulfillment from SPS Commerce, you’ll always stay in compliance with your customers’ EDI requirements for drop-ship fulfillment, ship to store or any other order fulfillment method.

Full-service EDI providers like SPS Commerce deliver EDI technology and associated staffing resources that manage ongoing EDI tasks on your behalf. So you’ll never have to worry about EDI spec changes, updating your EDI maps or EDI testing.

SPS works with more than 95,000 companies to automate EDI compliance for electronic orders, invoices, advance shipping notices and more. Plus, our full-service team will optimize your EDI solution to minimize data entry, so you can save time, decrease errors and reduce chargebacks.

Interested in learning more about how to make EDI compliance easier with our Fulfillment solution?

Automating advance shipping notices is easy with Carrier Service.

Here’s how Carrier Service works:

UPS label for SPS Commerce Carrier Service
FedEx label for SPS Commerce Carrier Service
FedEx label for SPS Commerce Carrier Service
FedEx label for SPS Commerce Carrier Service
FedEx label for SPS Commerce Carrier Service

Log into your SPS Commerce Fulfillment (EDI) solution.


Search for the PO number.


Start your Advance Shipping Notice (ASN).


Search for the most cost-effective option for your shipment.


Book your shipment. Fulfillment communicates with the carrier to book the shipment on your behalf. The solution populates the tracking information onto the ASN, and generates your carrier label—all without a visit to the carrier portal!

Ready to cut down on your data entry and shipping costs?

Get started with Carrier Service and automate your advance ship notices and shipping labels today.

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