Carrier Service Simplifies Your Order Fulfillment Process

Reduce freight costs and streamline the order fulfillment process for small parcel and less-than-truckload (LTL) shipments with Carrier Service from SPS Commerce. Our service makes it easy to find the most cost-effective shipping option from a broad network of carriers. Plus, you can create advance ship notices (ASNs), book shipments, manage tracking details, create BOL documents and print shipping labels — from within one system.

Works with popular carriers including:

Reduce transportation spend by up to 70 percent

As part of our Fulfillment solution, Carrier Service optimizes your shipping rates. Use the Rate Shopping feature to see quotes from multiple carriers. Carrier Service takes the work out of finding the most cost-effective carrier and service type for your shipment.

Typically, companies can save 5 to 17 percent on their transportation costs, while some customers have saved up to 70 percent on freight costs overnight.

Maximize your transportation savings

We’ve partnered with C.H. Robinson to provide access to the largest network of proven LTL carriers. With Carrier Service, you’ll be connected to more shipping options so you can meet customer delivery demands. And you can find the best shipping rates in any market to reduce transportation costs.

Streamline shipping with popular carriers

Cut your data entry by 50 percent or more using Carrier Service! As you book your shipment in Fulfillment, Carrier Service creates the BOL and shipping label, and populates all the necessary tracking details onto the ASN. There’s no need to copy and paste information between systems. And you won’t need to call your carrier or visit their portal to book a shipment.

“The SPS Commerce Carrier Service makes the shipping process idiot-proof. It saves us hours and hours of data entry time each week, but more importantly, it ensures accuracy and alerts us to any omissions. When we send a document from SPS to our customer, we know it’s right. From labels to invoices, SPS is well ahead of their competitor’s product that I used to use, a true time saver.”
– President, Always Home Properties Limited

Automating advance shipping notices is easy with Carrier Service.


Log into your SPS Commerce Fulfillment (EDI) solution.


Search for the PO number.


Start your Advance Shipping Notice (ASN).


Search for the most cost-effective option for your shipment.


Book your shipment. Fulfillment communicates with the carrier to book the shipment on your behalf. The solution populates the tracking information onto the ASN, and generates your carrier label—all without a visit to the carrier portal!

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