Save time by sharing automatically with your trading partners

Retail has evolved, and the supply chain now runs on real-time data. Fulfillment from SPS Commerce features Inventory Service that simplifies instant retail inventory updates automatically.

Get real-time inventory updates

The new retail landscape is busy 24/7/365 around the world and trying to keep up by hand is harder than ever. If you’re manually keying in and submitting frequent inventory updates (EDI 846 documents) for multiple partners, it’s time to automate.

A part of Fulfillment, Inventory Service makes it possible to drop-ship with streamlined inventory updates that save you time, so you can turn your attention to growing your business.

Automate to stay ahead

Inventory Service Woman Laptop

SPS Commerce helps businesses become EDI compliant, but there’s more we can help with.

Our Fulfillment solution is built to increase your workflow efficiency and eliminate manual entry wherever possible. It goes beyond inventory management to streamlined shipping and built-in partner integrations.

Want to learn more? Get all the details on what Fulfillment can do for you.

Getting started is easy

Here’s how it works:


Log into your SPS Fulfillment (EDI) solution.


Upload an Excel spreadsheet with your inventory information to your SPS account.


SPS takes the information and converts it into the specific file format required by your retail customers.


Use the Inventory Service to submit required drop-ship inventory updates for all of your trading partners!


Learn how leaders are simplifying their inventory strategy

“I solve many inventory issues daily, and I am using new tools to help ensure that we stay on track with orders to fulfill as much as possible. What I love most (about SPS Fulfillment) is the fact that I can process/view orders as well as analyze inventory.”

– Kaylynn A.