SAP Business One EDI integration.

Gain efficiency, cut costs and scale quickly by integrating and automating your supply chain with EDI.

The SPS Commerce Integrated EDI Fulfillment for SAP Business One integrates into your existing SAP Business One application, offering advanced functionality with less risk and at a lower cost than traditional EDI software.

Built for SAP Business One:

Our pre-built solution makes it easy to integrate your electronic order transactions within your SAP Business One system. Our solution offers support for popular and prevalent documents like accounting, inventory, sales, operations and more.


Connect to new and existing trading partners, 3PLs, warehouses, etc.


Reduce or eliminate manual entry, while increasing accuracy.


Improve ship timeliness, inventory accuracy and sales.


Save money with a cloud-based solution versus a traditional EDI department.

Our comprehensive, leading integration options give you the power to collaborate with high-volume trading partners flawlessly, without sacrificing the customizability and ease of use that SAP Business One provides.

SAP Business One integration is the perfect fit for small to medium-sized enterprises (SME) in industries like:

Wholesale Distribution




And more

Decrease manual entry needs

Manual data entry tasks could be a thing of the past when you integrate EDI with your SAP Business One ERP. Businesses working with SPS Commerce have been able to eliminate hundreds and even thousands of hours a week in manual data entry duties.

Add new trading partners faster than your competitors

A one-time integration with SPS offers instant access to thousands of pre-built connections to over 75,000 leading retailers, suppliers, 3PLs, manufacturers and more.

Reduce total EDI costs

Running an EDI program in-house can take up a lot of resources – software, hardware, licensing fees, IT staff and energy costs. With a cloud-based solution like Fulfillment (EDI) from SPS commerce, your business can save around 75 percent compared to traditional EDI costs.

Easy to use

Fulfillment works within your existing SAP Business One ERP allowing your business to easily send and receive prevalent EDI documents such as purchase orders, invoices, ASN and any others that power your business.

Within your single integration, you can easily exchange EDI with more than 75,000 trading partners including these top brands:

Join the SPS Commerce and SAP Business One integration like the follow retailers: Sutong Tires, Vaxcel International, Bashian Rugs, Branded Custom Sportswear and Strathmore Products.

Supported EDI Documents

Maintain relationships with all your trading partners seamlessly and consistently with the latest EDI technology and document standards for exchanging data. Supported EDI documents include:


810 Invoice


846 Inventory Inquiry/Advice


850 Purchase Order


855 Purchase Order Acknowledgement


856 Advanced Ship Notice


940 Warehouse Shipping Order


945 Warehouse Shipping Advice

Why choose SPS Commerce?

More than 75,000 companies trust the SPS Commerce platform. With that many organizations in our network, SPS is probably already working with many of your trading partners, making integration a breeze.

24/7/365 global support.


SPS can automate any EDI transaction with any trading partner.

Our data center is engineered to smoothly tackle spikes in transaction volume.

Also check out our pre-built solution for SAP.

Automate any EDI transaction with any retail partner.

Our consultants are willing to go the distance by helping you down the path to a simplified EDI solution.