Fulfillment integration for retailers.

Integrate your Fulfillment (EDI) with your existing information systems.

Implementation process

Learn about our proven, six-phase methodology for smooth fulfillment integration.

How to ensure your project is a success.

Your team’s participation is critical to the success of the project. Here are five steps you can take to help us achieve our shared objective.

1. Mutually define and agree to a definition of success.

2. Assign dedicated resources to project.

Key roles include:

An executive sponsor who will champion the project.

A project manager responsible for all client deliverables.

Business resources may include personnel from purchasing, receiving, vendor management and accounting. Questions for this team will focus on business processes and flow.

Technical resources may include personnel from technology, supply chain, warehouse or IT. Questions for this team will focus on systems and current capabilities.

3. Share documentation on purchasing process including paper purchase orders, invoices and any spreadsheets that may be used to complete order to cash workflow.

4. Establish and agree to a shared timeline based on dependencies and deliverables for both parties.

5. Encourage collaboration and open dialogue between project teams.

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