Build tomorrow’s strategy with today’s data insights

Break free from the chaos of spreadsheets, emails and buyer’s reports with SPS Analytics. Get precise sell-through data and expert advice to eliminate guesswork and confidently drive your sales strategy.

Experiencing retail data overload?

Gathering and cleansing sell-through and inventory data from your retail partners can be daunting. The data is often incomplete, inconsistent and time-consuming to analyze. When each buyer sends data in different formats and on their own schedules, identifying trends and making informed decisions becomes a real challenge, leading to:


Missed sales due to out-of-stock items


Lack of visibility into promotional performance


Overstocked inventory that requires markdowns


Spending valuable time with buyers on data discrepancies

We transform your data into profitable insights

Spend less time managing your data and more time capitalizing on new opportunities with SPS Analytics. We acquire and normalize the sales and inventory data you need from all your retailers. We then tailor the delivery format to your needs, so you can access your data in one place and easily import it into your business intelligence, planning or ERP system.

Seize the opportunity to:

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Make better,
faster decisions for your

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Plan and execute
with precision

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Develop more
strategic relationships
with buyers

Elevate your ROI with our expert guidance

Our team of experts has firsthand knowledge of retail challenges and how to conquer them. They offer personalized guidance to drive best practices and optimize your investment as your business grows.

My retailers are blown away with what I’m able to provide them now. We sit down and go through the analytics. We look at business, where we’re at, from sell through to weeks of supply of stock. It’s just amazing and they’re actually looking at me going, ‘How do you get this information?

-Vice President of Sales, Sperry

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