Finding great vendors is hard enough. Onboarding them is even harder.

Expanding retail assortment efficiently is a mammoth challenge. After all, deciding to expand is one thing, creating and executing a strategy fast enough to hit your numbers and catch the latest big trend is another.

The last thing you want is to invest thousands (or millions) into acquiring a pile of vendor data only to miss the wave and come out with a loss.

To find the best vendors for your retail business, you need a one-stop shop with a massive selection.

Imagine how much easier your life would be if you could browse, compare and choose suppliers online the same way you’d shop online for everyday products. With SPS Commerce, you can.

With SPS Commerce’s community of 80,000 companies, it’s easy to find the exact products you need to fill your assortment and select the perfect vendor to ship them.

Even better, when partner with SPS, you get dedicated, highly knowledgeable assortment strategists who will find the ideal vendors for you while you focus on your business.

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“SPS Commerce introduced us to qualified vendors that we didn’t know existed but were a perfect fit for our merchandising strategy. The solution has streamlined our sourcing process by relying on SPS to identify and pre-screen vendors.”

– Eddie Alberty, VP Strategic Partnerships at

With over 80,000 companies to connect with, why wouldn’t you use SPS Commerce?

Browse a huge range of vendors and products.

SPS Commerce’s expansive network makes searching for qualified vendors effortless.

  • Enjoy peace of mind knowing that all vendors included in your match are pre-screened and EDI compliant
  • Define your exact fulfillment requirements, including drop shipping, direct-to-store, cross-docking and more
Retail Sourcing Roadmap Interface

A personalized, done-for-you approach.

We’ll connect you with your own assortment strategist, who will put together a full roadmap to meet your unique objectives.

  • We’ll focus on your requirements and finding suppliers who are the right fit for your business
  • We’ll build and propose a tailored assortment strategy for you in a few short weeks
  • Once you’ve approved the strategy, we will engage the vendors for you, so you don’t have to

Watch your product assortment expand in real-time.

SPS Commerce’s campaign dashboard allows you to watch the progression as we onboard vendors for you.

  • Know the exact status of each vendor in your expansion campaign and see if you’re on track with your timeline
  • Onboarding vendors to your precise requirements starts automatically after you’ve approved the trade relationship
  • Review and approve vendors online
Retail Sourcing Review Reports

Your success is ours, too.

Discover how much easier it is to grow a retail business with SPS Commerce by your side.

  • SPS helped us add more categories and add things quicker.

    "We partnered with SPS to… add more categories, add things quicker, to not add constraint to our DC and put pressure on it, and be able to add additional products we would never carry before. And to introduce our customers, or customers that don’t take vitamins, to our brand and we have really been able to accelerate from there."

    Matt Zamone, Vice President of Merchandising at Puritan’s Pride

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Need help with vendor sourcing and product assortment? Book a free 1-on-1 consultation with us.

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Frequently asked questions.

“How quickly can you set up my product assortment expansion?”

Getting started is easy. We’ll review your requirements with you and share those with our supplier consultants. We can begin making introductions to relevant, complaint vendors who meet your needs in a matter of weeks.

“Can you help me find vendors who aren’t part of the SPS community?”

Absolutely. We will make introductions to suppliers that we feel match your requirements, regardless of whether they use SPS Commerce’s platform.

Still have questions? Get in touch and let us know.