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Integrated Fulfillment for JDA

We offer a variety of on-demand supply chain solutions that integrate directly with your company’s JDA system. Our cloud-based solutions provide seamless integration with trading partners, without requiring manual data entry. Our solutions work regardless of your suppliers’ data structure, format or network preference.

Connect and collaborate seamlessly

Simply integrate your JDA instance into the SPS network, and let us handle all of your EDI operations.

Our EDI solution for JDA provides:

  • Seamless data interchange for JDA system
  • EDI, XML and Flat File data interchange
  • Enhanced data accuracy through automation
  • Centralize your document repository by archiving each transaction and its data content for dispute resolution, exception reporting and supply chain performance analysis.

Supported EDI Documents

Maintain relationships with all your trading partners seamlessly and consistently with the latest EDI technology and document standards for exchanging data. Supported EDI documents include:


Purchase Order.




Advance Ship Notice.


Price Sales/Catalog.


Inventory Inquiry/Advice.


Product Activity Data.

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