Looking for traceability and tracking solutions? SPS Commerce can help.

If you need traceability and tracking capabilities, it’s essential to gain the support of your suppliers. SPS Commerce empowers grocery retailers and distributors to exchange critical data with their supplier community at every step of the order cycle.

Streamline supply chain visibility and traceability with automated data exchange

Complying with the Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA), produce traceability initiative (PTI) milestone #7, FDA 204 or other traceability regulations can be challenging. To track the chain of custody of the goods you sell, you need robust data from your suppliers.

SPS Commerce automates key processes and data exchange with your suppliers. Our proven traceability and tracking solutions enhance the visibility of shipments so you can track products back to the original source.

With SPS, you can:


Identify any orders fulfilled from a location


Locate any affected shipments and their location


Alert your trading partners to a recall

Best of all, our cost-effective pricing scales to suit your needs (and maximizes your margins as your business grows)!

“I absolutely would recommend SPS Commerce. Their expertise with EDI automation really shows through, not just with distributors, but bringing on a vendor community in this process.”

– Vice President of Category Management, Shamrock Foods

We work with leading grocers and grocery distributors to automate their trading relationships. Join our network of over 120,000 companies.

People, process and technology to enhance traceability and tracking

Our Community solution gives you immediate access to data that is essential if a recall arises. You’ll gain visibility into manufacture dates and locations, certifications, lot numbers, expiration dates and more.

Here’s how our traceability solution works:

1. We’ll help you design a solution that meets your business needs.

2. Our full-service team secures participation from your suppliers to exchange critical business documents, such as the advance ship notice and barcode labels.

3. We optimize your existing technology as well as the technology capabilities of your suppliers.

4. Our partnership ensures a smooth rollout for your company and your suppliers.

5. We continuously evaluate and improve your solution to ensure business value.

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