Common EDI documents and transactions used in the grocery and food service industries.

X12 and EDIFACT transactions for grocery

Whether you need to send or receive EDI documents for transportation, order cycle, or finance reasons, you’ll likely encounter the following EDI documents and transactions:

875 or Purchase Order

This document is specific to the grocery industry and is primarily used to order products. A typical 875 includes line item numbers, prices, quantities, discounts and shipping instructions.

850 or Order

Nearly identical to the 875, but used more frequently in the retail industry. Most of the grocery and food service industries rely on either the 875 or 850 to send and receive orders.

810 or Invoice (INVOIC)

Used in the grocery industry where a vendor requests payment for products or services rendered.

880 or Grocery Product Invoice (INVOIC)

When a supplier requests payment or products.

856 or Advanced Ship Notice (ASN)

An ASN provides tracking and packing information.

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