Grocery success stories.

Examples of food service companies who have partnered with SPS Commerce.

Real results reported by our grocery customers:

  • New vendors can now be set up electronically within days.
  • Improved accuracy of product delivered to the store.
  • Automated reconciliation of discrepancies between products invoiced versus product delivered.
  • Dramatically improved process of store deliveries.
  • Better collaboration between grocers and suppliers to aid in store level planning.
  • Reduced errors.
  • Reduced manual order processing.
  • Reduced costs (IT resources, finance resources, order processing).
  • Improved visibility into shipments, which reduced the amount of safety stock carried.
  • Ability to capture all discounts when processing payments.
  • Automated order-to-cash process

examples of grocers using edi

Success stories:


warehouse club and food retailer

Costco’s vendor base is changing constantly as it finds new and unique products for its business and consumer customers. Since 2003, Costco has outsourced the entire EDI onboarding process to SPS. SPS handles everything, including the initial calls to vendors, finding the right contact to speak to, and the EDI testing process. The majority of Costco’s merchandising volume is now processed electronically and new vendors can be set up in days.

Otis McAllister

food distributor

Otis McAllister partnered with SPS when a grocery retailer requested more timely Advance Ship Notices (ASNs). Now a supplier fulfilling an order can directly send the ASN to the grocery retailer. By empowering its suppliers and streamlining the transaction flow from vendors directly to grocery customers, Otis McAllister reduces costs and improves customer service.

NEXT Proteins, Inc.

food supplier

NEXT Proteins, Inc. uses SPS’s integrated EDI service for their Sage ERP. The company exchanges approximately 75 percent of orders received and fulfilled automatically using EDI (hands-free). They can now exchange sales orders, advance ship notices, invoices, warehouse shipments and other required documents with trading partners around the globe.


supermarket chain

During a three-month period, Winn-Dixie and SPS teamed to build and structure a vendor enablement program to onboard Winn-Dixie’s nearly 500 indirect suppliers. The program addressed internal communications, outreach to indirect vendors, defined the testing process and implementation for the program’s success depended on Winn-Dixie’s ability to reach the right suppliers and communicate with them in the right way.

WoolWorths Supermarkets

Australian food retailer

Woolworths Supermarkets knows that an efficient supply chain operation is central to being able to deliver fresh food on a daily basis to millions of customers across Australia. To ensure the efficient operation of their supply chain, Woolworths deployed its own B2B integration platform to provide real time integration with its suppliers’ systems. The platform leverages the AS2 protocol for B2B communications, which is a specification for automated order fulfillment between businesses using the Internet.

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