Managing item information for grocery business.

Improve item data management with every vendor, every day.

Launch new products in days.

Consumers are becoming more digitally focused every day. We’ve seen it happen in retail. The grocery and food service industries are next.

To meet digital shopping expectations, grocers and food service organizations need to move beyond lagging item data management systems to generate the consistent, quality item information consumers demand.

Affordably pulling this off requires collaboration with all trading partners to orchestrate engagement across all channels from a single viewpoint: the consumer. Traditional item data management processes are time-intensive, complex and often costly.

The SPS solution for item data management connects grocery, food service organizations and suppliers through the industry’s largest network to customize, capture, aggregate, normalize and validate item data – all with the industry’s fastest speed.


Complement your GDSN certified data

and benefit from fast data streams that automatically validate and process supplier item data to accurately track thousands of SKUs across sales.

Sell products faster

by having your entire supplier community obtain continuous, up-to-date item data information. This includes price updates, new product offerings and more.

Reduce cost of errors

by utilizing a full catalog of product information.


Capitalize on trends

through the rapid introduction of new products by importing product information with supplier-friendly, system-agnostic tools. This especially comes in handy when products are gluten-free, organic, free-range, etc.

Increase market needs

by covering every requirement you may have with unlimited attributes such as ingredients, images and place of origin.

Benefits for grocery and food companies:

Speed is essential.

Our community compliant teams typically see a 14-16 weeks turnaround time, making it one of the quickest supplier onboarding processes in the industry.

The SPS solution for item data management connects grocery, food service organizations and suppliers to customize, capture, aggregate, normalize and validate item data.Room to grow.

Our cloud-based solution supports infinite SKUs and file uploads/downloads.

Order online, pick up at store.

Whether you have no eCommerce presence or some, our technology can make a variety of fulfillment models work for your business including order online and pick up in store.

We want to see you succeed.

If something goes wrong or if you need help with anything, our customer success team is available 24/7/365. We’ll also proactively reach out to make sure you’re successful.

Save money and time.

Cut costs and save precious hours from your employees by not needing to accommodate any hardware or software upgrades, support, or communication.

SPS is always trying to find some way to help their network of customers meet each other, come together, increase their business, find efficiencies and make relationships.”

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