Streamline your eCommerce fulfillment model

Are you looking to improve eCommerce fulfillment? Our eCommerce solutions can help you get the data you need from suppliers to efficiently fulfill orders and delight your customers.

What is an eCommerce fulfillment model?

eCommerce fulfillment models can take many forms, including:

  • Fulfilling orders from a distribution center or warehouse to a store or a consumer’s home
  • Fulfilling orders from stores for in-store pickup
  • Fulfilling orders from stores to a consumer’s home
  • Drop shipping, which most often refers to a supplier fulfilling an order on behalf of a retailer, distributor or marketplace from inventory the supplier owns
Drop Shipping Program
Distribution Center Floor Manager

Do any of these common eCommerce fulfillment issues sound familiar?

  • Your suppliers’ item information is inaccurate, missing or not as detailed as what consumers expect
  • You don’t have updated inventory information from suppliers
  • You don’t receive timely updates into order status
  • You and your customers don’t know when an order has shipped or when it will arrive
  • Labels, pack slips and other shipping documentation don’t always align with your brand
  • You need access to more drop-ship capable suppliers
  • You can’t measure how suppliers are performing

“When we think about the drop-ship initiative, it’s something that should open up to our customer base a whole breadth of items that otherwise wouldn’t be available today because of not being able to meet minimums to really bring into our warehouses. And the SPS platform will really help us to create that seamless integration with our online eCommerce platform.”

Vice President of Category Management, Shamrock Foods

Eliminate the blind spots in your eCommerce fulfillment model

Successful eCommerce fulfillment is impossible without the right data from your suppliers. That’s where SPS Commerce comes in. Our proven approach helps you expand your eCommerce fulfillment capabilities and delight your customers—while giving you complete visibility into how suppliers are fulfilling orders on your behalf.

With SPS, you’ll have access to all the data needed from your supplier community for eCommerce success.


Get complete, accurate and timely item information in the format you require


Access near real-time inventory information


Receive timely order confirmations


Know exactly when a product ships


Ensure shipping documentation supports your brand


Enable suppliers to exchange data using multiple formats including APIs, EDI and flat file, and multiple connectivity methods such as FTP, VAN and AS/2


Scorecard suppliers on key metrics, such as fill rates and ship timeliness

Simplify any type of order fulfillment

SPS Commerce can help you with more than just eCommerce fulfillment. We’ve partnered with thousands of retailers and distributors to improve automation and visibility for all types of brick-and-mortar, eCommerce and omnichannel order fulfillment.

Eliminate the silos in your eCommerce fulfillment model by using a consistent and automated fulfillment process across your trading partner community. Our Community solution includes everything you need to to automate information exchange with all of your trading partners, no matter how you fulfill orders. Both you and your suppliers will benefit from improved automation, communication and collaboration.

Talk with a specialist to learn more about how SPS Commerce can help you enhance your eCommerce fulfillment model.