A better way to do retail data analysis

Retail data analysis starts with clean data. When your business begins to handle more information, more partners and more products, getting clean data is much easier said than done. 

It takes hours for analysts and buyers to gather, validate, cleanse and transform retail data before they even begin to analyze it. Fortunately, there’s a better way. 

What is retail data analysis? 

To make the best decisions, you need more and better data. Retail data analysis delivers data from each of your retail partners in one place. 

Gain a competitive edge with comprehensive, up-to-date point-of-sale and inventory data from multiple retail channels, delivered every Monday morning.

Streamline data validation and cleansing processes to save time and ensure reliable information for your team.

Reduce manual tasks, act fast on valuable insights and focus on strategic decision-making.

All Your Data in One Place

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  • Slice and dice at the account, country, channel and location level
  • Identify best-sellers and slow-movers
  • Spot replenishment opportunities
  • Stay on top of the KPIs that matter to you including sell-through, gross margin, on-hand inventory and more

See our process

See how retail data analysis from SPS Commerce makes it easier to get sell-through insights and better access to reliable data. 

Gather Data

Our team of experts collects sell-through and inventory data from your retail partners.

Validate Data

We double-check your data to ensure it is accurate and consistent.
Cleanse Data with SPS Commerce

Cleanse Data

We cleanse your data by removing false entries, errors and duplications from the data pool.
Transform Data from SPS Commerce

Transform Data

We use dashboards and reporting so you can see your data from multiple angles and uncover insights that drive results.

See what customers are saying

Hear what our customers think of the value they receive from retail data analysis through SPS Commerce.

  • "My retailers are blown away with what I’m able to provide them now. We sit down and go through the analytics. We look at business, where we’re at, from sell-through to weeks of supply of stock. It’s just amazing and they’re actually looking at me going, ‘How do you get this information?"

    Randy Morgan, vice president of sales, Sperry

    Customer Stories
  • "SPS helps us stay ahead of the curve by giving us a first look at what the consumer is buying."

    Christopher Marcal, director of customer planning, Clark’s

    Customer Stories
  • "The SPS Commerce Analytics solution is now widely accepted as the single source of truth and official language of our trading network. We all see the value in it, and the level of cooperation across our internal and external teams is best in class."

    Joey Hobson, executive director, Maverik

    Customer Stories
  • "SPS Commerce Analytics has become an integral part of our company’s decision-making processes."

    Joe Coulter, sales planning analyst, Leatherman

    Customer Stories

Easy integration with your BI tools  

SPS Commerce delivers validated data in your preferred format for your business (dashboards, email reports, or flat file inputs for PowerBI) so you can begin analyzing immediately. Get vital information you can put to work right away with retail data analysis from SPS Commerce. 

Spend less time on data prep and more time unlocking insights with SPS Analytics.