We take on the complexity of EDI logistics so you can focus on running your business.

As a logistics provider, you rely on data from your customers to efficiently move goods through the supply chain. With SPS for 3PLs, you’ll have the data you need to work across all your customers and channels. SPS makes it easy to meet complex fulfillment requirements without draining your internal resources.

What is EDI in logistics?

EDI (Electronic Data Interchange) is simply a way to transfer data between companies in a standardized format. It enables logistics businesses to have more insight into their operations, with better communication, faster processing, fewer errors, improved collaboration and greater overall efficiency.

With EDI, you can exchange digital information and transactions with other businesses for greater accuracy and speed of communication. For the logistics industry, this might include information related to orders, shipment confirmations, inventory adjustments, stock statuses, receipt confirmations, invoices, advanced ship notices and other documents—all digitally transmitted via EDI.

How does it work?

EDI automates the process of exchanging critical business information through a set of fields referred to as “EDI documents”. These documents have specific numbers assigned to them that indicate their purpose for use with trading and logistics partners.

The data from EDI documents can be exchanged through a single online portal, or it can connect with existing business systems, such as eCommerce solutions, ERP, WMS, CMS, accounting software and more.

Logistics EDI

What are the benefits of EDI in logistics?

EDI continues to play a vital role in the logistics industry. When you implement EDI for your logistics business, you’ll see:

Smoother, more efficient workflows

An automated workflow is faster and more efficient than manual processes. EDI can streamline your workflow through system integrations, simplifying your day-to-day and scaling with your business.

Streamlined communications

Rather than relying on outdated means of communication and data transfer, EDI enables logistics companies to communicate critical information quickly and effectively. The standardized format of EDI documents means that all your systems are speaking the same language.

Fewer manual processes and errors

Automation through EDI reduces manual processes. Systems are set up to auto-populate data fields, minimizing the risk of human error and the time and effort it takes to resolve inconsistencies.

Lower costs and fewer chargebacks

Logistics companies can save money by utilizing EDI to reduce operating costs. With increased insight into your business, you’ll be able to recognize and take advantage of opportunities for increased efficiencies. The reduction in errors will also lead to fewer chargebacks.

Improved business relationships

Fewer errors, faster processing times and increased transparency lead to better business relationships. EDI offers those benefits and more, giving your customers and business partners greater trust and confidence in your ability to serve them.

Increased productivity

With EDI automation, your staff will save valuable time on activities like processing orders, checking invoices and dealing with errors. Instead, they’re able to focus on other important business priorities and projects that increase your bottom line.

Introducing SPS for 3PLs—the logistics industry’s most complete EDI solution

SPS Commerce takes the complexity out of logistics EDI. We increase efficiencies with a single system and process for all your customers and channels.

Full-service EDI from SPS provides the technology, staffing and expertise to manage EDI on your behalf. With SPS for 3PLs, you can:


Connect once through the SPS network to easily access order, label and shipping information


Simplify and accelerate how you work with your customers and their retail


Onboard your customers quickly and accurately partners


Receive formatted data automatically in your operating system (WMS, ERP, etc.)


Manage everything in one place

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