SPS for 3PLs: Accelerate Your Warehouse Efficiency

As a logistics provider, you need to stay in lockstep with your customers wherever, whatever and however they sell. SPS for 3PLs helps you onboard customers quickly and accurately, standardize and automate how you operate together, and ensure you have all the information needed to run an efficient business.

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Efficiently meeting the needs of all your customers across channels is challenging. With SPS for 3PLs, it doesn’t have to be.

Are you tired of waiting months to onboard new customers? Are errors and manual data entry slowing you down? Is it a challenge to keep up with ever-changing order fulfillment requirements?

SPS for 3PLs enables a single, consistent process for working with all of your customers and connects to your WMS. Finally, you can pack, label and ship orders on time—without the stress of incomplete or inaccurate information. And with expedited onboarding, you can connect with new customers fast.

We make it easy for you to deliver exactly what your customers and their customers expect.

One connection for all customers, locations and channels

No order errors, no missing information … and no manual data entry required

With SPS for 3PLs, you’ll have a full-service team of experts to help you automate your customer communications so you can focus on scaling your business.

SPS for 3PLs works directly with your WMS system to:


Accelerate Onboarding

Say goodbye to back-and-forth email chains and IT backlogs. With SPS for 3PLs, you can get your customers up and running in days — not weeks.

Standardize and Automate Communications

We’ll integrate customer data directly into your WMS system so you can receive data in the way that works best for you — regardless of whether your customers use email, spreadsheets, EDI, XML or APIs.

Keep Up with Shipping Requirements

Say goodbye to surprise label changes and chargebacks. With SPS for 3PLs, you’ll have full access to our suite of UCC-128 labels and packing slips that we constantly update to comply with retailer requirements.

Hear what other 3PLs are saying

“Knowing the retailer’s requirements and ensuring that our shipments would always meet these needs was critical to Whitebox. SPS knows what is needed, keeps their system current, and makes testing and setup easy.”

– Rob Han, COO of WhiteBox

Enhance your 3PL software with the data you need to run your business

With SPS for 3PLs, you can simplify how you work with your customers and their customers. SPS for 3PLs integrates with your ERP, WMS, IMS or any other 3PL software so you can exchange data with customers in a consistent, scalable way. 


Streamline item information

Missing or incomplete item information costs time and money. Get more timely, accurate item information from your customers so you can focus on picking and shipping orders rather than tracking down information. 


Generate necessary shipping documents, such as labels and packing slips

Stay up-to-date with your customers’ label and packing slip requirements. Our team manages all requirements and changes, so you can keep customers happy and avoid chargebacks.


Automate order information for wholesale and direct-to-consumer channels

Standardize the way you receive information from your customers so you can scale your business. Get all order information in one place regardless of whether your customers use EDI, APIs, email or other methods.


Stay in compliance with retailer requirements

Say “yes” to any retail supply chain requirement for any customer and any sales channel. We help you check all the boxes no matter what your customers need.

With our signature, full-service approach to fuel your growth



Our experts work across industries, categories, fulfillment models, buyers, sellers and systems to help you optimize your operations.


Our proven approach gets you and your customers up and running fast. We do the heavy lifting, so you don’t have to.
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We consolidate, normalize, translate and automate item, inventory, order and shipment data on your behalf. You’ll spend less time managing data and more time growing your business.

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