Product Activity Report

EDI Document 852

graphic showing raw EDI data for EDI 997, EDI 850, and EDI 852 transactions

What is a product activity report?

A product activity report (EDI 852) is a document that highlights on two specific factors:

  1. It provides information on current product and inventory
  2. It shows how that product is selling (Point of Sale or POS data).

The key data elements included in an 852 are:

  • Item and quantity sold in dollars
  • Item and quantity sold in units
  • Quantity on hand (inventory)

Benefits of using the 852 and POS data

This information contained in the EDI 852 provides valuable insight into product performance with results that can be analyzed at store level, by vertical, by geographic location or by product line. This information allows businesses to better manage and plan their product inventory.

Both suppliers/brands and retailers/buying organizations benefit from POS data analytics.

View our Analytics products for more information on using POS data.

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