B2B Integration from SPS Commerce

Business-to-business (B2B) integration is a necessary part of today’s supply chain. Without it, buying and selling organizations have a hard time keeping up with business processes and partner requirements. SPS Commerce has the tools and expertise to help businesses adopt and maintain effortless B2B integration.

The supply chain runs on data

Without the visibility that comes from accurate and timely data-sharing between partners, businesses suffer.

Suppliers need to receive orders from their retailers

Retailers need order acknowledgements from their suppliers

3PLs need order data from suppliers to make on-time deliveries

Getting all this data from multiple systems and partners can be incredibly complicated. B2B integration smooths out all these processes so businesses can thrive.

What is B2B integration?

Simply put, B2B integration is the automation of business processes between trading partners, including retailers, suppliers and 3PLs. It standardizes and automates data exchange, allowing for greater efficiency and accuracy in communication between businesses. Without integration, disparate systems won’t automatically sync to share data, and businesses are left to manage the individual requirements of each partner on their own.

What problems does B2B integration help to solve?

  • Supply Chain Complexity: As the supply chain becomes more complex, businesses have more and more data to exchange, with ever-evolving requirements from their partners. Trying to keep up with all of those demands can be confusing at best. Automating your data exchange simplifies business processes across the board.
  • Where Time is Spent: Exchanging data with your trading partners is just one element of your business, but without automation, it can take up a huge amount of time. B2B integration significantly reduces the amount of labor needed so you can redirect that effort into focusing on your other business priorities.
  • Inaccurate Data: Manually entering data from multiple sources leads to errors and headaches throughout the ordering process. B2B integration brings simplicity and accuracy to a complex business environment, improving partner relationships along the way.
  • Scalability: Integration solutions should enable you and your trading partners to leverage and share the data that matters most to you, so you can be less reactive and make smarter business decisions as you scale and grow.

B2B Integration brings clarity and focus to your business. SPS Commerce can help.

SPS has integration solutions to help all trading partners automate and simplify business processes. Bolstered by the power of our network, we help you achieve a single, smart connection tailored to meet partner requirements and their unique needs.

Fulfillment EDI

Fulfillment is our full-service EDI solution for automating the ordering and fulfillment process, from start to finish.


Assortment helps businesses manage and organize product data across all sales channels and trading partners.

SPS Analytics support

Analytics provides full visibility into retail sales data, displays side-by-side comparisons of sales and inventory data, and promotes business growth.

Sourcing & Retail Network

SPS for 3PLs gives logistics providers the data they need to meet complex fulfillment demands across all customers and channels.


SPS Community connects retailers with their supplier community through full-service onboarding and collaboration.

Don’t have time to implement B2B integration? We’ve got you covered.

We have the people, process and technology to get your integration up and running. Our full-service approach takes the bulk of project management out of your hands.

Without [B2B Integration], our company would be a nightmare. We wouldn’t be able to operate the way we do, just day to day. I couldn’t imagine a scenario where we’re doing manual data entry.

– Rajan Barad, CEO at R&R Textiles

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