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In retail, speed and precision are essential. Consumers are demanding more, supply chains are more complex, costs are higher and the competition is tougher. SPS Commerce empowers you with accurate, up-to-date supplier data, so you can consistently deliver the right products to the right place, right when your customers want them.

Is your supply chain data one step behind?

You know that data is crucial to running a successful retail business. But did you know that 90%+ of retailers use DIY solutions (like portals, phone calls, emails and even faxes!) to exchange data with suppliers? A lack of timely and consistent data makes it impossible to run a transparent supply chain and keep your customers happy.

Slow and unreliable data exchange methods lead to critical issues, including:


Poor customer experiences online and in-store.


Inefficient assortment planning and inventory management.


Distribution center bottlenecks that lead to delays.


Traceability challenges from a lack of supply chain visibility.

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Perform better, smarter, faster

Top performing supply chains automate 98% of their data exchange, and those that aren’t automated will fall behind. Imagine if every piece of data from your suppliers was accurate, timely and seamlessly integrated with your processes and systems, allowing you to:


Elevate the customer experience across all channels.


Optimize assortments and inventory.


Improve receiving efficiency and workflow for faster product delivery.


Achieve full traceability and visibility across the supply chain.

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SPS plays a key role in our success by helping our teams align our vendor requirements with customer needs, simplify new vendor onboarding and introduce new processes and fulfillment requirements.

– Nicole Chen, AVP, Order and Information Management, Canadian Tire

Accelerate every step of your supply chain

SPS Commerce gives you rapid access to item, inventory and order data from your suppliers, so you can move at the speed of modern retail. Our team automates information exchange with your suppliers, empowering you to replenish inventory, fulfill orders and deliver products faster than ever.

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