How EDI Healthcare Can Help Your Business.

Whether you’re a care provider or a medical supply distributor, you’ve decided it’s time to implement EDI into your business. Discover how to unlock operational efficiency with automated exchange of orders, invoices, and more – right inside your ERP system. Plus with over 20 years of experience, we have a proven process to get your suppliers compliant too!

What Is EDI in Healthcare?

EDI healthcare ensures that all of your business systems, and those of your suppliers and logistics provider(s), speak the same language. Using a standard data format to translate between the disparate systems, EDI provides a unified language and platform for automated order processing and inventory management.

In this way, EDI has the power to transform healthcare to move it away from manual order management – which has been the norm for decades – to an efficient and automated standard.

Fortunately, when you partner with SPS Commerce’s onboarding experts and use the leading EDI platform, it’s easier than you think to roll out a standard data format across your entire healthcare vendor community. SPS Commerce already has hundreds (maybe thousands) of healthcare trading partners on its network, so our experience will work for you.

We’ll help you operationalize EDI healthcare, so you can take advantage of the automation opportunity.

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Benefits Of Using EDI Healthcare Solutions From SPS:

Healthcare sector supply chains typically work well, but operate in an incredibly manual fashion. Orders are issued by email or fax, edits are phoned through, or altered pricing is approved over the phone, quantities are changed – and so on. EDI medical opens the possibility of streamlining business processes across ordering, receiving, accounts payable and inside logistics.

Benefits of Using EDI Healthcare solutions from SPS Commerce
Speed to market.

Purchase orders are the critical starting point of EDI healthcare. By processing orders faster, organizations can optimize Just-In-Time delivery methods without fear of running out of stock or failing to have a crucial piece of equipment for an operation. Faster purchase orders leads to better inventory management and optimal service delivery.

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Better supplier onboarding.

We take vendor onboarding extremely seriously at SPS Commerce, and it is a major component of our competitive advantage. Anybody can offer an EDI medical connection – it takes flair and experience to deliver a fully functioning supplier network, with almost all vendors EDI-connected within 3-months. We’ll do what it takes to get you EDI capable with all your partners, all within record time. With our one-to-many network model, it’s easy to add more vendors, 3PLs or carriers at any time. It’s equally easy to implement more EDI transactions for your existing partners.

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Achieve the enlightened state of complete order visibility.

Healthcare is often managed on critical timelines, so it’s imperative to know when products arrive and how soon they can be confidently routed to the final destination. Yet many organizations can’t pinpoint their shipments precisely because there is no standardized method or automation around the information. SPS automates and standardizes all of the supply chain documents (ORDERS, INVOIC, ASN, etc.) between care providers or medical distributors and their vendor community, giving them the power to know exactly where their products are at all times.

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Advance Ship Notice (ASN).

Healthcare sector supply chains need the ASN to better manage inventory, costs, regulated traceability and supplier scorecarding in order to maintain a level playing field. For these reasons, successful healthcare operators are embracing the ASN. Symbion and Healthscope are both long time benefactors of the ASN, which has enabled them to expand grocery operations. The ASN also makes it easy to track everything back to the original source in case of a batch pinpointing requirement.

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Better traceability.

Healthcare companies have a governmental demand for traceability, and operate in a frequently changing regulatory landscape. In addition to managing current governmental requirements, organizations need flexibility to update their reporting to ongoing compliance. Legacy systems do not typically offer this level of adaptability, and ‘future-proofing’ is a critical part of the movement to modernity. The ASN is critical to this level of supply chain traceability, as well as visibility.

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How do I know my EDI healthcare investment will pay off?

Our industry-leading solutions and network of more than 95,000 trading partners that already have EDI connections, we’re confident we can help you grow, become more digital and optimize your inventory.

  • Here are some of the healthcare companies that have had success with SPS:
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Reviews from EDI Medical Customers

“We want Healthscope’s hospitals not only to offer the best in patient care, but also to implement the most effective supply chain systems to support that patient care.”

CIO at Healthscope

“SPS’s vendor enablement program exceeded our expectations. The program resulted in more suppliers becoming EDI-capeable than we had forecast and we received support from SPS Commerce throughout the process.”

General Manager – Pharmacy at Symbion