Fishbowl EDI integration

One-step integration provides you with smart EDI management that follows Fishbowl’s familiar document handling standard.

Fishbowl EDI integration from SPS Commerce. The solution integrates into your existing Fishbowl application.
Fishbowl EDI integration services from SPS Commerce.

Integrated Fulfillment for Fishbowl

Connect once and gain powerful EDI tools. Take the guesswork out of your EDI through our easy-to-use, prebuilt Fishbowl and QuickBooks integration. With the SPS Commerce adapter for Fishbowl, you can immediately comply with your retail customers’ requirements, quickly add new trading partners and scale for future business growth.

One Step to Powerful Insights

This one-step integration with SPS Commerce provides you with smart document management that follows Fishbowl’s familiar document handling standard.

Using native Fishbowl data, the integration matches customer and item records to post accurate information within the documents. The result? You gain valuable business insights and deep functionality without needing to learn a new system. The data transfer is seamless, so you can process more documents in less time with fewer data entry errors – significantly reducing your workload.

Screenshot demonstrating SPS Commerce's Fishbowl EDI integration solution
The Fishbowl EDI integration from SPS Commerce uses the familiar Fishbowl interface and format

Our Fishbowl solution supports:

  • Data validation (items, customer)
  • Easy document reprocessing
  • Inbound order integration with Fishbowl
  • Outbound ASN with Fishbowl
  • Outbound invoice integration with QuickBooks
  • GS1-128 labels generated through local templates
Fishbowl EDI integration can be a game-changer for your business

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