Omnichannel retail order fulfillment is complicated.
SPS Commerce makes it easier.

Fulfilling orders is more complex and expensive than ever. SPS simplifies eCommerce, store pickup (BOPIS) and drop-shipping to support omnichannel retailing fulfillment.

Are inefficient trading partner relationships impacting your retail strategy?

Successful retail order fulfillment starts with successful trading partnerships. Whether you buy or sell goods, you need to exchange critical information with your business partners. Without the right information, it’s impossible to create a positive omnichannel retailing experience.

What are your retail order fulfillment challenges?

Are you a supplier or vendor that sells goods to a retailer or distributor?


Satisfy any omnichannel fulfillment requirement

Trying to keep up with complex retail order fulfillment requirements? SPS can help you with EDI, labels, packing slips and more for:

  • Shipping to a distribution center (DC)
  • Shipping to a consumer (drop shipping)

Connect with any retailer or distributor

Does your customer require EDI? Tap into our retail network of pre-wired connections to retailers, eCommerce retailers and distributors.


Cut down on manual work

Tired of endless data entry? SPS helps you optimize orders, connect systems and cut manual steps so you can process orders faster. Simply store details about your business once. We’ll populate the information across your EDI documents so you don’t have to enter the same information multiple times.


Eliminate costly errors

Some EDI documents have up to 50 fields to complete. With SPS, you can dramatically reduce keystrokes and reduce errors. Plus, our solution is pre-wired for compliance with retailer requirements for EDI documents, fields, connectivity and labels.


Spend more time growing your business

Our full-service approach means that you don’t have to become an EDI expert. We handle all the technical details for you. Leave the EDI maintenance to us so you can focus on selling more merchandise to more buyers.


Accurate item data

Not providing your retailer with accurate item data could be keeping your products in the warehouse. Keep all item information sorted and stored in one easy to share place SPS Assortment.

Are you a retailer or distributor that sells goods to others?


Get expert advice on your supply chain and retail strategy

Confused about how to design your omnichannel fulfillment strategy? SPS experts can advise you on how to engage your trading partners and maximize success. Our team has implemented more than 500,000 solutions for companies in the retail industry.


Proactively manage orders

Looking for a better way to get order status updates from trading partners? We can help you get the information you need from trading partners to manage orders more efficiently and reduce inventory.


Improve inventory and distribution management

Inefficiencies in your distribution center can be costly and time-consuming. SPS connects you with trading partners to receive shipment status and details, so you can reduce receiving bottlenecks and accelerate inventory turns.


Expanding your retail strategy

Especially with the effects of COVID-19, many businesses are expanding into omnichannel retailing initiatives such as buy online, pick up in store or drop-shipping which means implementing a change across your entire supply chain. SPS Community can help with that.


Manage trading partner performance

Without the right data, you can’t track or improve trading partner performance. SPS can help you collaborate with trading partners to improve retail order fulfillment fill rates, on-time delivery and other supply chain metrics.


Enhance your customer experience

Inaccurate and inconsistent item data can negatively impact your customer experience. Deliver the item details your customers expect by getting all your trading partners’ item data in one place.

Choose the most widely used, most trusted solution in retail

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SPS can help your omnichannel retailing business succeed

“We knew we would get left behind if we moved at the same pace as in the past, and our biggest hurdle for moving faster was just getting the data to flow back and forth. We needed to find the right partner to help us move quickly.”

Derek Panfil, SVP of Merchandising, Pet Supplies Plus