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Get answers to your questions about how EDI platforms work and how companies use them. Learn why SPS Commerce is the industry’s most trusted EDI platform. Our full-service approach makes it easy to connect with your trading partners.

What is an EDI platform?

An Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) platform enables the exchange of data between businesses using a standardized format. With an EDI platform, information moves directly from one company’s business system to another company’s business system without human intervention.

What are the types of EDI platforms?

There are essentially two types of EDI platforms.

Managed EDI platforms include EDI technology that you manage and maintain yourself.

Full-service EDI platforms include technology and access to a team of experts that keep everything running on your behalf.

Why do businesses use EDI platforms?

EDI platforms are widely used in industries such as retail, e-commerce, grocery and distribution. Here are some common reasons companies use EDI platforms:


Business partner or customer requirement

Many companies require their trading partners to use EDI for exchanging information such as inventory updates, orders, ship notices and invoices. As a result, their trading partners must be capable of accurately sending and receiving EDI documents.


Integrate EDI data with business systems

With an EDI platform, businesses can avoid data entry by integrating EDI with their business system. Using EDI integration, orders, inventory and other electronic information flows directly into ERP, accounting, e-commerce or other business systems.


Order management automation

Processing orders manually takes time away from more important tasks. EDI platforms automate order processing, reduce errors and free up staff to focus on more value-added work.

Why choose SPS Commerce?

SPS Commerce is the industry’s most trusted EDI platform. Here are a few reasons why customers choose our EDI solution.

Manage all orders in one place

Use a single system to manage orders from all sales channels including e-commerce, marketplace and brick-and-mortar. Also, eliminate the inefficiency of separately tracking phone and email orders.

Never worry about EDI compliance

With SPS, you don’t need to be an expert in your trading partners’ EDI requirements. We take ownership of understanding your EDI needs and handle all the details for you.

Eliminate costly errors

Our platform ensures your EDI documents are accurate, with confirmations at each stage of the order cycle. Plus, we keep your EDI connections updated for you, so they always work.

Optimize your shipping rates

With Carrier Service, you can access more shipping options to meet customer delivery demands. We also help you save time and money by finding the most cost-effective carrier for your shipment.

Automate as you grow

As your order volume increases, you may need additional automation between your EDI platform and other systems. Rely on SPS for trading partner, EDI and system expertise at every stage of your growth.

Connect with all trading partners

We make it easy to work with any trading partner. Leverage our proven connections to retailers, grocers, distributors, brands, 3PLs, carriers, e-commerce platforms, marketplaces and more.


SPS Commerce – THE EDI Solution

“In the CPG industry, EDI is an absolute must. This platform affords our organization the ease of access with our various national and regional retail partners to conduct seamless and streamlined transactions.”

– Steven C.’s review on Capterra.com

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