No-hassle communications with any retail partner

Carriers play a critical role in the supply chain, moving goods so retailers can access them. There is no time to waste on inefficient or incomplete communications. It’s time to streamline the carrier EDI process. With you and your retail partner on the same page, there won’t be any surprises or hassles. SPS offers:

retail network connections

Dedicated Logistics Team Members

Solution for all Trading Communications

Non-stop service for stress-free partnerships

No matter who your customers are, or whom they ship to, SPS has you covered. We are the largest retail network, with 120,000 connections. Our experts understand the nuances of EDI, including the following transactions used most by our carrier customers:

EDI 204

Motor Carrier Load Tender

EDI 214

Transportation Carrier Shipment Status Message

EDI 210

Motor Carrier Freight Details and Invoice

EDI 990

Response to a Load Tender

With our full-service carrier EDI solutions, you can focus on what you do best: keeping retail moving. SPS will take care of the rest. Our carrier solutions offer:

Trusted Experts

Our dedicated logistics team understands your industry, the transactions you use and how to make it all work seamlessly.

Proven Technology

Your business never stops, and neither does SPS. Our EDI solutions are reliable, accessible and easy to use.

Unmatched Support

When you have a question or need a new connection, we are ready to help. You can talk with an expert, chat online or access our online training at any time.

“They’re highly knowledgeable, understand the technology they’re dealing with, and understand that we’re frequently under time pressure to get the job done and they work with us in every way possible.”

– Cliff Garrett, VP of Logistics, Tigers Logistics

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