Three Ways Fulfillment for NetSuite Helps Optimize Picking, Packing and Shipping

by | Aug 24, 2022 | Automation, Suppliers

Every retailer has specific rules, requirements and preferences for packing shipments. What’s more, retailers have different packing requirements for different types of goods, such as apparel or perishables. These requirements include how many units can be packed per case and the acceptable dimensions of a shipping box.

Maintaining the different requirements and remembering when to apply them can be a considerable challenge, especially when you work with multiple retailers or ship products in high volumes.

But there’s good news for SPS Fulfillment for NetSuite users. Did you know that you can customize Auto Pack Rules for your retail customers by leveraging functionality within the SPS Fulfillment for NetSuite solution? Create advance ship notices (ASNs) and process orders more efficiently by automatically applying different packing rules by retailer.

Here are three ways Auto Pack Rules can improve order fulfillment:

Eliminate manual data entry

Fulfillment with System Automation is fully integrated with NetSuite. This means you don’t have to switch between multiple systems when processing orders. Your customers’ packing rules will be automatically populated within your Item Fulfillment record, so you do not need to enter the packing requirements for each customer manually.

Process orders more quickly

Quickly and easily apply pack rules across all of your customers to process more orders in less time. Confidently complete ASNs by populating item information and shipping details. SPS Fulfillment helps you get more time back in your day!

Avoid chargebacks

Never worry whether your shipments comply with your retailers’ latest requirements. We take care of keeping everything up-to-date on your behalf, so you can build trust with customers and avoid non-compliance and chargebacks.

Optimize your Fulfillment process today. Contact our team to get started.

Morgan Asplund