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Discover new trading partners that offer desired products and services meeting specific fulfillment, item and other requirements.


Enable rapid, new item setups and automate change management of item information among trading partners.


End-to-end fulfillment to the consumer, including orders, shipments, payments and returns.


Improve sales velocity, balance inventory levels with demand and enhance fulfillment performance.

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Grow your business without adding infrastructure

When it comes to suppliers of the retail industry, their growth is only as good as their retail network.

Today’s vendors, in fact, face mounting uncertainty around revenue growth because they have limited visibility into how much inventory to produce. Retailers like to be lean, and as a result, they commit to much lower volumes to prevent overloaded store shelves. Rather than sending an entire pallet of product, vendors now have to make educated guesses on what – and how much – persnickety consumers will actually buy. And if merchandise doesn’t move, suppliers only have a day or two to react – not the 30 days they had in the past.

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