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Discover new trading partners that offer desired products and services meeting specific fulfillment, item and other requirements.


Enable rapid, new item setups and automate change management of item information among trading partners.


End-to-end fulfillment to the consumer, including orders, shipments, payments and returns.


Improve sales velocity, balance inventory levels with demand and enhance fulfillment performance.

News and resources:

84 percent of retail expects sales growth in 2016

The results of the fourth-annual industry benchmark report from Retail Systems Research (RSR) and SPS Commerce suggest 2016 will be a better year than 2015. Despite the economy only showing slight gains, the retail industry is remains optimistic, with 84% of respondents predicting a stronger year. How is this possible? Consumers are still spending. They are buying online in new ways, and the retail ecosystem sees potential growth.

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Tech careers challenge and promote innovation at SPS

Before he started working here two years ago, Tony Odufuye was very familiar with SPS Commerce and many of the people in the company. That’s because Tony’s wife, Linda, had already been working here for a few years. As he got to know some of Linda’s work friends, they recommended he join them at one of Minnesota’s fastest-growing tech companies.

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E-Commerce takes top priority over in-store experience [Research]

According to the latest industry benchmark report from Retail Systems Research (RSR) and SPS Commerce, retailers are leading with new digital strategies for addressing customer expectations. And for the first time ever, they are prioritizing e-commerce over in-store experience. In fact, 75% of retailers identify e-commerce as their top priority for 2016.

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