07/23/2014 - Judy Anderson, SPS Commerce

NYC’s Premier Omnichannel Event: Back Again, Better Than Ever

Omnichannel retailing continues to transform the industry in exciting but unpredictable ways. How can you fully capitalize on the cloud, proximity technologies, social media and other advances to keep pace with today’s increasingly sophisticated and demanding consumer?


07/18/2014 - Kay Rindels, SPS Commerce

3 Success Stories with Point-of-Sale Analytics

Three consumer product companies presented at Omnichannel 2014 on how they use SPS Point-of-Sale (POS) Analytics to drive sales, plan production, manage inventory and even expand product lines.


07/15/2014 - Kay Rindels, SPS Commerce

Can You Do Drop Ship? 4 Key Questions

In response to consumer demand, retailers and their supplier-manufacturer counterparts have to develop drop shipping capabilities. Two experts in retail fulfillment and logistics tackled the challenge at SPS Commerce's Omnichannel 2014 conference.

retail omnichannel

07/15/2014 - Briana Naescher, SPS Commerce

Supplier Success Guides: Why publishing the rules makes all the difference.

A few years ago, I found a new hairdresser that I absolutely love. She is extremely talented, and I always leave feeling like I’ve received the best experience possible. To ensure she is able to maximize the amount of clients she sees and properly manage the demand for her services, she has put in place a set of rules of engagement.

07/11/2014 - Kay Rindels, SPS Commerce

Four Retail Trends You Can't Ignore

A panel discussion at SPS Omnichannel 2014 raised many questions about the changing face of retail. One thing is clear: the consumer has power, voting with their feet and fingertips. Here are four trends on how the retail supply chain wins the customer.

retail omnichannel

07/01/2014 - Kay Rindels, SPS Commerce

Driving Sell-Through with Big Data

Highly personalized offers and crowdsourcing to ensure products are promoted to supplier specifications are just a few of ways big data increases sell-through of consumer packaged goods (CPG) brands. Two innovators in retail big data explained more at SPS Omnichannel 2014.