Integrating EDI into your SAP S/4HANA solution

by | Apr 25, 2024 | Data Management, Order Management, Retailer Requirements, Suppliers

When you’re an enterprise company, you need a strategy to manage the complexity of your business. Your team needs to be as effective as possible to keep up with all incoming demands, but you don’t want to exhaust current resources or focus on the wrong items.

As you build your cloud-first strategy or prepare for your SAP S/4HANA cloud migration, it’s important to consider when you want to build and manage solutions yourself and when you want to partner with a team of experts.

Don’t be afraid to let the experts take over

Think about your existing tax strategy. While you could have someone on your team become an expert in tax code for every state and build out those customizations within your ERP system, you probably don’t do that, right? It would take a massive amount of time, effort and money, so it makes sense to outsource those duties to tax professionals who can handle the process for you.

The same can be said for EDI. There are thousands of retailers with unique specifications and requirements, and these can change or be updated at any time. Instead of dedicating resources to manage EDI updates and intricacies, it makes sense to follow your tax compliance strategy and bring in a partner who specializes in managing and optimizing your document exchange processes.

Integrating EDI with your SAP S/4HANA migration

Once you choose a solution that integrates seamlessly with your recent SAP S4/HANA migration, you’ll see how easy the whole process can be. With SPS Commerce’s full-service, cloud-based Fulfillment (EDI) solution, your team will have SAP EDI experts on hand to guide you through setup, maintenance and optimization.

Integration is truly seamless; native interfaces within SAP provide your team with real-time data exchange that gives you visibility and insight into all sales channels in one place. When you choose SPS to handle your EDI, you’ll have full visibility into order transaction status for monitoring and reporting.

When we say full-service, we mean it.

Our team manages time-consuming EDI tasks on your behalf, including EDI updates, EDI testing, trading partner communication and more. You don’t have to worry about translating EDI or other technologies that you need to connect with your wholesale and manufacturing trading partners. It’s one connection, then we take care of the rest.

Retail order fulfillment requirements changed? SPS takes ownership of all trading partner requirements and changes. Each year, the SPS team manages 9,000 changes from retailers, which means you don’t have to think twice about updates.

Plus, we provide active monitoring of documents that you exchange with your trading partners. This means we’ll catch errors before they occur, which helps us continuously optimize your solution.

When you partner with SPS for your EDI needs, we communicate with your trading partners for you. Eliminate the back-and-forth communication required to manage connectivity, requirements, support and more. All you need to do is sit back and let us take care of the details.

Let us help you boost efficiency

No matter where you’re at with your SAP S/4HANA data migration, SPS can help you get started with full-service EDI so your business can reap the benefits quickly. Our integration for SAP automates existing processes using your unique business rules, leaving you more time to focus on managing more strategic IT priorities.

Reach out today to meet with an SAP S/4HANA specialist from SPS Commerce and hear how we can help you optimize your EDI.

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