Omnichannel Retail Strategy Accelerates Growth

A hobby idea evolves into a Kickstarter campaign and is now a nation-wide brand. This multichannel retailing example shows how Hidrate used its innovation, automation with SPS Commerce and passion for its smart water bottle to succeed across many retail channels.

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    Health & Wellness, Consumer Goods
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    Chicago, IL
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Since securing its first retailer customer, Target, Hidrate has diversified its channels and plans to continue to do so. According to Chari Graham, the company’s COO & CFO, growth will come from excelling in all multichannel retailing channels. This is no surprise given the rapid growth of the company from a hobby to a national brand selling at retailer stores, marketplaces and online sites.

Hidrate’s products connect well with health-conscious consumers, especially athletes. They offer a variety of smart water bottles that improve hydration habits. The bottles track daily intake, help users set hydration goals on an app, and use flashing lights to remind consumers when it’s time to drink more water.

SPS Fulfillment: Connecting to Any Channel

The supplier was managing its direct and corporate sales, but then Target called. The business entered the world of wholesale retail and knew that more complexities were soon to follow. These new channels would bring new opportunities for growth, but only if staff could stay focused on product innovation. So, they partnered with SPS Commerce and use the SPS Fulfillment for NetSuite solution to automate their orders from all channels.

“We started partnering with SPS commerce in late 2017 or early 2018 when it became clear that there were going to be a lot of challenges around partnering with Target. It was our first real foray into retail on that scale.”
– Alexander Hambrock, Co-CEO, Hidrate

As Hidrate signs on new multichannel retailing partners, they can be connected to the order system within just a few days by SPS.

How can suppliers keep up with the different demands of an omnichannel retail strategy?

According to Graham, the SPS solution and integration into their NetSuite ERP is really critical to their daily operations. They have limited IT resources and want to keep it that way. Instead, they focus their attention on marketing, product design and technical advances to maintain their leadership role in their emerging category.

The supplier’s omnichannel retail strategy has delivered results. They sell through online and in-store retailers and across eCommerce channels. Each channel and each retailer has their own way of doing business. Luckily, SPS Fulfillment knows the requirements of every retail business to keep Hidrate compliant and up to date, without lifting a finger.

The Interviewees:

  • Alexander Hambrock, Co-CEO
  • Chari Graham, COO & CFO
  • Jill Trimbach, Marketing Manager

The Challenge:

Embrace new omnichannel opportunities without losing focus on innovation and product design.


The Solution:

SPS Commerce Fulfillment for NetSuite


The Results:

Rely on the SPS team and integrated solution to manage the complexities on their behalf.

“In an omni-channel world, data is tremendously important. Our partners expect timely information on everything from fulfillment status to inventory levels. And we require very accurate and up-to-date accounting information to maintain the most accurate set of financial records.”

-Alexander Hambrock, Co-CEO, Hidrate