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Suppliers need actionable data. SPS Commerce and Supply Chain Dive investigated further.

As a critical part of today’s ever-evolving supply chain, suppliers must have better insight into sales and inventory data with their retail partners. Learn more by downloading our research report with Supply Chain Dive.

Gain key insights into current supplier stances as well as expert, actionable advice from SPS Commerce!

Download the report to read it in its entirety and learn more about data’s importance in the supply chain.

Connect your channels and boost visibility

SPS Commerce and Supply Chain Dive surveyed 150 supply chain executives in the United States to get a clearer understanding of the significant role of data in the supply chain. This survey highlighted common supplier challenges over the past year and evaluated preparedness for facing these challenges in the next year.

In the report, you’ll learn:

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How suppliers handled disruptions over the past year

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The role of data and technology in helping a brand become more agile

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How to tackle common challenges like handling returns