Select Brands

Centered on customers, positioned for growth

Select Brands partners with SPS Commerce to automate order processing, freeing up time to drive strategic initiatives and enhance customer relationships.

Kitchen Appliances

The challenge:

Efficiently manage high order volumes with a small team while delivering excellent customer service.

The solution:

SPS Fulfillment with NetSuite System Automation


The result:

Dramatically improved order processing efficiency to save time and empower staff to work on strategic initiatives.

The challenge

Select Brands, a third-generation family business, is a dynamic small appliance company based in America’s heartland. With a diverse brand portfolio and a global presence, the company sells its products through a variety of channels, including big-box retailers, online retailers, catalogs and direct-to-consumer.

An SPS Commerce customer for 14 years, Select Brands has grown rapidly. The company’s success translated into increasing order volumes, overwhelming the team’s capacity.

“When we started the eCommerce side of our business, we had to manually input all our orders. We processed thousands of orders each day that had to be shipped by a certain time. It took two people all day to enter those orders, and as we grew, our staff couldn’t keep up.”

– Karen Hong, Director of Operations, Select Brands

Staying on top of eCommerce orders was a growing challenge, especially during the holiday rush. Also, due to the time-consuming nature of eCommerce order processing, the team couldn’t dedicate enough time to communicating and building relationships with wholesale customers.

The solution

Select Brands upgraded its ERP by migrating to Oracle NetSuite, a pivotal move aimed at bolstering its infrastructure for scalability amidst rapid growth. Leveraging the NetSuite partnership with SPS, the company automated its Fulfillment (EDI) solution natively within the new ERP system. This enhanced order processing with retailers and simplified collaboration with third-party logistics providers (3PLs).

Select Brands works with SPS to connect with 40 retail customers and 3PLs to fully automate the order-to-cash process.

Throughout the partnership, SPS supported the company’s customer-centric focus and eliminated the need for additional staff to manage orders. The full-service SPS team was pivotal in optimizing systems and processes to minimize data entry and prevent errors.

“We define success as everything appearing on time in the warehouse when we need it, so our customers have what they want when they want it. And we want to make that process as simple as possible. Achieving this goal would not be possible without the SPS solution and the team’s dedication.”

– Karen Hong, Director of Operations, Select Brands

The results

The productivity gains from order fulfillment automation have had a significant impact on Select Brands.

“Currently, we have two full-time order specialists. Without SPS Commerce, we would need 10 to 15 people to keep up with our growing order volume, seasonal demands and our customers’ needs.”

– Karen Hong, Director of Operations, Select Brands

Like many businesses, Select Brands has a “wish list” of strategic projects to tackle. Thanks to the time savings from working with SPS, the team can now focus on those long-term projects as well as day-to-day tasks.

For Select Brands, delivering exceptional customer service is more than a daily task; it’s a differentiator. With the support of SPS, Select Brands efficiently meets customer needs while delivering on its promise of providing innovative products and exceptional value.

We’re a small company but we have very large customers. Now that we have greater order fulfillment efficiencies through SPS, our team can look at the bigger picture. Instead of inputting orders, they can focus on going the extra mile, giving our customers what their customers want.

– Karen Hong, Director of Operations, Select Brands

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