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Find out how The Good Crisp Company leveraged System Automation from SPS Commerce and Cin7 to cut order processing time in half, freeing up time for innovation and strategic growth.

The Good Crisp Company

The challenge:

A surge in growth and order volumes exacerbated the inefficiencies of manual order processing.


The result:

Automation cut order processing time in half, freeing up time for more strategic tasks.

The challenge

The Good Crisp Company, originally established in Australia, specializes in healthier, allergen-free snack options available in major retail chains, including Whole Foods, Walmart, Kroger, Hy-Vee, HEB, Thrive Market and Target.

As the company expanded rapidly with new retail customers, manual order processing became a significant obstacle to growth. This challenge prompted the need for an efficient way to sustain growth while maintaining a commitment to quality and customer satisfaction.

“When I started in my role, I was manually keying in orders, a process that took up about half of my time each week. Our operations team was looking at ways we could automate my role, and the SPS solution was a natural fit.”

Shiva Moss, Operations Manager

The solution

To address manual processing challenges and sustain its growth trajectory, The Good Crisp Company embarked on a strategic partnership with SPS Commerce, a relationship that began in 2019.

The company implemented SPS Commerce Fulfillment for Cin7, an inventory management system. By integrating Fulfillment with Cin7, the company sought to enhance operational efficiency, reduce manual data entry and reallocate resources toward more value-added activities.

Leveraging the SPS solution, The Good Crisp Company processes orders from 20+ retailers directly within their Cin7 system, allowing them to manage everything in one place. The company also streamlines its operations to support ongoing expansion efforts, including a new relationship with Target, which involves shipping products to 27 different distribution centers (DCs). The SPS full-service team lightens the workload by taking on time-consuming tasks, such as managing retailer EDI changes and updates.

The results

With the SPS solution, the Good Crisp Company has cut order processing time in half, freeing the team to concentrate on strategic growth and customer relationships. The increased efficiency allows the company to handle increasing order volumes and maintain timely delivery to retail partners.

“Partnering with SPS has given me the opportunity to do more strategic work and avoid manual, tedious tasks like data entry. Now I can focus on high-profile projects, such as identifying cost-saving initiatives and planning additional supply chain integration.”

– Shiva Moss, Operations Manager

With an efficient inventory management system like Cin7 Core, The Good Crisp Company is better equipped to meet the demands of its expanding customer base and navigate the challenges of growing retail partnerships.

“As we move forward, our next big step is to integrate with our 3PL partners to streamline our logistics and fulfillment processes. This initiative will further enhance our operational efficiency and flexibility, ensuring we remain agile in meeting customer demand. It’s an exciting time for The Good Crisp Company as we continue to innovate and expand our reach.

– Shiva Moss, Operations Manager

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