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Discover how Mattress Firm enhanced customer experiences and operational efficiency by partnering with SPS Commerce to improve supply chain collaboration.

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The challenge:

Deliver a differentiated, omnichannel customer experience that aligns with customers’ purchase and delivery preferences

The solution:


The result:

Improved customer experiences and operational efficiency through elevated supply chain visibility.

The challenge

For almost a century, Mattress Firm has been synonymous with superior sleep solutions. As America’s largest specialty mattress store with 2,400 stores in 49 states. Mattress Firm prides itself on delivering an omnichannel experience based on customers’ preferred method of purchase and delivery. 

To uphold this commitment, the company aimed to:

  • Manage complex delivery methods, including small parcel, direct from vendor, final mile and store pickup.
  • Enhance inventory and order visibility with vendors to fulfill customer commitments.
  • Boost productivity in distribution centers to optimize associates’ efficiency and effectiveness.
  • Promote vendor compliance with EDI standards to enhance operations and customer satisfaction.

“Whether a customer walks into our store or shops online, we provide them with a precise delivery date. Our systems factor in delivery slots, weather conditions, product availability and lead times across the supply chain. This meticulous approach is our competitive advantage, ensuring a seamless and reliable customer experience.”

—Chris Visagie, Vice President of IT

“Getting a new bed is a big event for our customers. In contrast, not having a mattress arrive on time is a nightmare we want to avoid. We strive to provide the bed our customers want, on the day and time they choose, using their preferred delivery method. Our partnership with SPS Commerce is a critical part of fulfilling our promise to customers.”

—Maryjane Fanizzi, Vice President of Logistics

The solution

To address these challenges, Mattress Firm embarked on a multi-year initiative to enhance supply chain efficiency and elevate the customer experience. As part of this, they upgraded their ERP system to Microsoft Dynamics 365 and began upgrading their warehouse management system. 

EDI also plays a pivotal role in digital transformation. Mattress Firm partnered with SPS, relying on the company’s Microsoft ERP expertise, supply chain best practices and established vendor relationships. Now the team receives critical supply chain data, including early intent to fulfill from PO Acknowledgements and transparency into supplier shipments via Advance Ship Notices (ASNs) with serial numbers. Early notification from vendors about order and shipment status is critically important because delivering a product too early or too late impacts the ability to provide an exceptional customer experience. 

With the help of SPS, Mattress Firm is moving toward single-scan receiving and ensuring the presence of an ASN upon product arrival. This shift enhances inventory and order status visibility, preventing missed delivery windows and boosting customer satisfaction with proactive communication about status or delivery changes.

“Once we decided to partner with SPS Commerce, we were pleased with how quickly we connected vendors to the SPS platform. SPS took ownership of the vendor communication and testing, and vendors were very responsive to what needed to be done. The expertise of SPS made onboarding easy for both Mattress Firm and our vendors. The time saved is invaluable, allowing our team to focus on strategic priorities rather than the day-to-day intricacies of vendor onboarding.”

—Chris Visagie, Vice President of IT

The results

Mattress Firm uses a data-driven approach across the supply chain, leveraging insights to make strategic decisions. In 2023, SPS Commerce helped Mattress Firm stay on top of over 630,000 drop-ship and ship-to-DC orders. Through the SPS partnership, Mattress Firm has the data—such as what product shipped and the delivery timeline— needed to deliver an exceptional customer experience.

In the future, Mattress Firm plans to leverage additional reporting capabilities to gain deeper insights into vendor performance. They also plan to further automate vendor management to ensure the timely receipt of required EDI documents.

Our definition of success is making customers happy, a metric reflected in our net promoter scores (NPS). Since we started working with SPS Commerce, we’ve improved our NPS by enhancing on-time deliveries, enabling us to gain market share and elevate customer satisfaction. The data enabled by SPS has become integral to our business; we simply couldn’t operate at the same level of excellence without it.

– Maryjane Fanizzi, Vice President of Logistics

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