Added products quickly and improved inventory visibility with supplier onboarding

Accelerated demand for cleaning supplies drives distributor to take action to best serve its clients. transformed the cleaning supply business by offering access to competitively priced products that didn’t require bulk purchasing. Consumers and businesses continue to flock to their eCommerce site to order essential cleaning supplies and trust them to arrive on time. To grow, the distributor needed more products and vendors. This is when supplier onboarding became a top priority.

The company has used EDI for a long time, but until they partnered with SPS Commerce, they didn’t know how easy it could be. Recently, used SPS Commerce Community to quickly add new vendors through supplier onboarding, so they could expand assortments and grow their business.

Onboarding suppliers with a proven process

As a wholesale janitorial, office supply and restaurant / food service company, moves quickly to provide the products its customers need. Using SPS Community, the company had new vendors quickly set up, tested and moved into production on EDI. This automation made growth easier and provided a single system for the distributor’s ordering process. relied on the expert teams at SPS to work with its vendors and walk them through the EDI process from start to finish. SPS ensured that supplier onboarding was quick and effective for and its newest vendors.

“We were able to onboard more vendors quickly. With SPS shepherding both sides of that equation and bridging the gap between vendor and distributor enabled us to scale.”
– Dan Dillon, Founder & Chairman,

Providing inventory visibility keeps customer commitments promises their customers that they’ll receive most products within 1-2 business days. Inventory visibility to incoming orders is critical. The company can’t fall short on inventory or promote products that they can’t deliver in time. Having their vendors on EDI provides the team with accurate information on when orders are arriving and if the order will be shipped in full. With EDI from their supplier onboarding initiative, they have the data and can be confident about meeting their customer commitments.

Doing EDI the Fast Way

Like most distributors, has a lean staff that is very, very busy. With EDI automation from SPS, they cut out many manual processes and time-consuming vendor communications. The company is no stranger to EDI, having had this technology for many years. But, when they started working with SPS, they saw just how simple and easy supplier onboarding could be with the SPS technology and staff doing much of the work.

Dillon stated, “We’ve done EDI for many years. Doing EDI the old-fashioned way, the way we initially learned how to integrate with other companies, would be a very slow process. SPS Commerce was the answer for us.”

The Interviewee:

Dan Dillon, Founder & Chairman,

The Challenge:

Add new products quickly using supplier onboarding

The Solution:

SPS Commerce Community

The Results:

More than 67 vendors onboarded for improved order management and inventory visibility

“SPS helps us manage inventory because we can’t fall short on product delivery from our vendors, and we can’t overpromise products to our customers. It’s critical that we have just the right amount.”

-Dan Dillon, Founder & Chairman,

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